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, posted: 8-Jun-2011 23:21

I am so incredibly angry, I'm angry that this supposed government we voted for used an urgency to pass guilt by accusation laws, I'm angry that even though every study of the NZ populace showed that there was overwhelming opposition to this law, it was still passed. I'm angry that we are giving free licence for abuses against regular kiwi citizens, and it won't be the in the know, tech-savvy who are hit, it will be the "mom and pop" investors. Seeing things like the below, really get me upset. What he says in effect is "we've worked so hard to get this law in place, we aren't going to let something like the UN Charter of human rights get in the way" watch it for yourself. its upsetting, ill - informed and it makes me angry. The worst thing is, what can we do about it? the answer? not much at this stage, currently only the greens (to my knowlege - I'm happy to be corrected ) are openly opposing this law, and even then I don't know that they are uniform in their opposition. there are no elections before this law comes into act. protests? well maybe if we could rouse the general populace, but the problem is the general populace won't realise how this will effect them until its too late. the fact is you could get a warning notice for watching a flash video, linked on a site, without even realising you are infringing copywrite. so what can you do? there are plenty of avenues for the tech savvy and most of you know what they are, but have you thought about your parents and siblings? well make sure you do. it is in all likelyhood going to be unfeasible for this particular construct of this law to continue, however for a while they will be out in force looking to make examples of people - or worse, get auto-settlements such as we have seen in the states or other places, what options are there?
    • you can use Lynx web browser (no streaming content, hell javascript is tricky enough to get working)
    • cancel the internet (go back to the dark ages)
    • Buy yourself anonymous Sim cards, top them up and for added security impersonate your IMI no#
    • Run a free anonymous WiFi for your local area (I need to confirm this / IANAL)
aside from that, please make sure you are contacting your MP, get in touch with representatives, tell your family how dangerous this law is. at the end of the day this is a very direct step in the way of censorship and a destruction of individual rights. _and_ provisions in the law are in direct contravention of the UN bill of rights. on a side note, if you support this law, I'd be really keen to hear why.

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Comment by turnin, on 9-Jun-2011 04:27

I think it's a test, a test of human nature, for a start the bill was pushed in under this emergency legislation for CHCH, so it must be pretty damb important. Perhaps child abuse has gone up as a result of the christchurch earthquake, it's all I can think of, or perhaps there was a conference of child abusers in christchurch at the time of the earthquake, perhaps similtaneously celebrating they caused it, the earthquake that is and the UN don't like it - WHAT ? the UN ! What do they care about child porn, oh hang on, yes, it's not about that , its about what a panel of two people think is innapropriate.Well i for one think this is innappropriate hope the artist is held in a prison and tortured for ever so he cant sue google or stuff for copyright infringement.

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