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a Few good, legal and handy ways to listen to music online.

, posted: 9-Jun-2011 17:18

like most of us these days, I spend barely a minute away from internet connectivity, and one thing the internet is great for is music,

I thought I'd list a few of the services I use to stream music online, if you have others you use let me know and I'll add them too.

- Grooveshark

I use grooveshark predominantly as it has a huge selection and the advertising is non intrusive,
easy to build multiple playlists and has favourites, etc. allows you to easily share links with most Social networks,

Also a good radio system that will match up more music that is similar to what you've been listening to.

- is good, has a massive range of music, however it can be hit or miss, it pulls music from all over the web, and is more "social networky" than  Grooveshark, and has its own twitter - like interface of music blips, you can chose to follow different "DJ's" (everyone is a dj on and you can give props to people playing you songs, which earns them XP effectively - although all it does is progressively give them more and more impressive stars, a bit like the stars on a trademe account.

- You Tube
it would be a bit rediculous if I didn't mention youtube, lets face it, pretty much every song ever written is on here, should be reasonably legal, as long as you try and hit the "official" channels of various bands, but I don't know post-september if it'll still be a safe option.

So thats my small selection - I used to use and a few others but they either became terrible, I had to leave for moral reasons, or became US / North American only due to licensing issues.

What do you use? 

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Comment by Bung, on 10-Jun-2011 08:08

Grooveshark seems to be only as "legal" as Youtube if you read the articles describing its ptp model.

Comment by gible, on 10-Jun-2011 09:16

Dropbox Audio Player

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