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Unlocking your Extended Rom PART2 - Make it Writable!

, posted: 4-Jul-2006 09:29

Here it is!
although not in the form I had hoped.
sorry about the delay,


I was going to write a full tutorial about how to unlock your Extended-ROM,
however I have been so flat out at work I havent had the time, soo

to make it easier:-


is the utility that a associate of mine wrote after we spent many a bizarre
hour of the night and day hacking away through the dark insides of the Apache's
many roms, working via instant message, He's based in slovakia so there is some
interesting time zone issues.

check out some more information here:-

Buzz_lightyear has a very interesting site, its well worth registering, (and donating to)

I will post up a full background on how it actually works if I recieve enough

(in other words, if you would like to know how you could unlock the Ext-ROM
yourself rather than use a utility written by someone else, post a comment!!)

aside from that, feel free to ask questions etc.

How much interest is there in me providing a tutorial on how to Dump, decode/decrypt and generally hack around inside the rom?

I will be doing a post soon on overclocking, (re: 1ghz+ harriers, etc)

I can also do a tutorial on how to access the bootloader, dump the rom, edit / decrypt it and burn it back onto your device,

but only if there is enough of you who are keen! :)


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Comment by Jolly, on 16-Aug-2006 15:40

I would be *very* interested - especially if you have any information on pri files. Sprints latest rom versions disable the ring through feature when using evdo, and I'm doing my best to try and solve this issue. For more info, check out this thread - I'd appreciate any help or suggestions you might have.

Comment by SL, on 9-Jan-2007 09:45

Excellent work! I just picked up a Verizon XV6700 on the cheap. I have been interested in phone hacks since the LG 6800. I heard about all that is possible with this phone so I decided to pick it up. Obviously Im a little late to the party, but IVe done a lot of reading and research. The problem is that most of the links to files are dead. I am looking to unlock the extended rom of my 6700 so that I can install a few of Verizons CABs. Part 1 of your write up showed where to modify the registry but part 2 does not, unfortunately the links are dead as well. Can you lend some advice or point me in the right direction? Im curious about overclocking, you spoke of it in the last paragraph of the blog. Thanks in advance, SL

Author's note by inane, on 9-Jan-2007 11:11

Thanks for pointing out the dead links, I'll get that sorted later on today.

Comment by xurizaemon, on 4-Mar-2007 10:10

with sim unlock, is it possible for these phones be converted telecom -> vodafone? buzzdev has lots of interesting stuff, but the registration doesn't send emails as it claims to; as a result i can't view his articles or downloads to explore further ... htcwiki looks good too - but points back to buzzdev for the goodies :)

Author's note by inane, on 4-Mar-2007 12:10

Unfortunately I would highly doubt you can convert from vodafone to Telecom as the actual technology is different.

one is GSM and the other is CDMA.

Author's note by inane, on 28-Mar-2007 12:47

ARRGH! MY LINKS ARE BROKEN!!! I'll fix this shortly

Comment by paradoxsm, on 16-Apr-2007 23:54

VERY keen to see the Harrier overclocking Tutorial. I have a couple here ready for the test! Also, that link is still no-go... Cheers!

Comment by FIXER, on 25-Apr-2007 14:25

Hey, I am very interested in how this works, I have looked all over the internet but no one has actually went into detail about how to enable write access.

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