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, posted: 6-Jul-2006 14:05

Went Along to the UP event Gadgets, Games & Geeks Event  last night,
was quite interesting, although I must admit I was a bit put off by
the saturation of apple based products,

dont get me wrong, I think apple make some really great devices,
but as a gadget person, as a geek and as an IT professional, appliance type
electronic devices dont hold a huge draw for me,

In fact a lot of apple products are aimed at people who are precisely what I am not

its a very smart decision, they are marketing toward the masses, in a large part
the majority of consumers want a device that they buy (maybe charge) then they
plug it in / turn it on and it just "goes" and it interfaces easily and
effortlessly with everything else, if it breaks you take it back and get it
repaired or replaced.

(ok just got back from a team lunch so now all further comments are influenced
by a wee bit of fine red)

whereas I have a fundamental issue with this, I feel its a travesty to buy a
technological gadget or product that is designed against me opening it up,
playing around, upgrading and modifying,

but hey that could be just me.

aside from the fruit, it was a good event,

Paul Reynolds spoke very well, (as I guess you would expect from a personal who
talks for a living (IT / Media / IT - Media political commentator type))
and I must admit he has me very motivated and enthusiatic about the burgeoning
event horizon of Web 2, and the blogosphere, all and all he was great,

Dr. Kate McGrath spoke excellently, in fact I would be really keen to hear more
about what they are working on, she did a very good job for working out the ins
and outs of what was too technical, and what wasnt,

I have a keen interest in nanotechnology and Quantum physics,
so I personally didnt need her to explain quite as much, but I know others there who
wouldnt have understood,

in fact many it people could take a page from her book, when it comes to explaining
technical things to non-technical people, (hey when it comes to quantum physics and nanotechnology
sorry guys but most of you are in the non-technical category for that one.)

Im really keen to follow their progress there.

Jay templeton spoke well, and i think they are heading down the right path, i
must admit I have been effectively doing for years myself what he is proposing,
however Im probably not their target market.

Dan Milward was great, definately into what he is doing,
probably not the biggest people person.

Humprey Wikeepa, spoke on an interesting problem that has crippled many a
handheld solution in one shape or another.

Telecom didnt show, to be fair apparently they were having issues with flooding.

Freitasm finished off, and he did very well with his improvised speech,
he got hit by the same outage I did,
but I enjoy his talk,

--when you read this, can you let me know what rss reader you are using on your

all and all it was a good event, the free wireless would have been cool,
except my servers had the same problem that Freitasm had....
telstra clear = offline

the networking afterwards was cool,   got to speak to many an interesting person

Dvorak Keyboard. why dont you use one?

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Comment by freitasm, on 6-Jul-2006 14:38

I actually use Newsgator Enterprise Server, hosted on a Windows Server in my home office. But since the TCL network was down, I used Ilium Software's excellent NewsBreak to demo the RSS feeds. Lucky I have that always installed, regardless of my priamry RSS feed reader ;-)

Comment by alasta, on 6-Jul-2006 19:07

It was really unfortunate that Canon, Orb and Vodafone failed to turn up, but on the whole it was still a thoroughly enjoyable event. Pity the free food didn't last long! I spoke briefly to the Apple guy (his name escapes me) before the presentation, and he gave me a bit of insight into how Front Row works, and what professional Mac users are doing with video editing tools. Apple seem to acknowledge that they have a loyal following among creative people, and they do a good job of filling that niche. The speakers were all very interesting, and I think the most important thing that I learned from this event is that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in New Zealand!

Comment by Dan Milward, on 11-Jul-2006 21:45

It's funny what a little ego surfing on Google can dig up. You're right though, I certainly am into what I'm doing - I'm passionate about technology, and I enjoy working with people. I'm probably not the best public speaker (yet) but practice makes perfect huh ;) So thanks for the compliment (i think ;))

Comment by Up4It, on 13-Apr-2007 18:39

We're in the planning for GGG 2007, coming up in Early July, 2007... should be a great - one - I'd love to hear your thoughts on exhibtors and speakers you want to see and hear from.
And yes, the Apple bent was mine,  In planning the event I basically called the suppliers of each gadget in my home, and quite a few of them are Apple products. ;)

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