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How To dump Your HARRIER ROM

, posted: 11-Jul-2006 08:55

********HARRIER USERS WARNING*************
***  This will Hard-Reset your Harrier ***

the following method is very similar to that of the apache, however,
the apache requires specific addresses, whereas the Harrier does not.

I recieved a request a short while ago on how to do this,

this is Part 1, it will cover how to dump your rom, and how to write it back again.

for this method you will need

A Mini-SD at least 64MB, preferably 128MB+
A copy of MTTY.exe from HTC,

ok, first of all copy all the data off your SD / delete it, it needs to be blank.

disconnect your apache from your computer.

on your computer open the connection settings in Activesync, (right click on the activesync icon, select
connection settings)

untick "allow usb connections"

press ok.

press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC (open task manager)

go to  the PROCESSES tab
right click on WCESMgr.exe, right click and terminate process.
do the same for wcescomm.exe.

--on the apache / Harrier--

Put your apache into Bootloader mode. you do this by

Pressing POWER+NOTES and soft-reset (This is where the Harrier will be hard reset)

this will load you into the boot loader.
connect your device via the cradle.

on your computer Open MTTY.exe

click USB

you will be presented with a terminal window,

type D2S

this will back your rom up to the card.

once this is complete, you can unplug your device and soft-reset it.

to restore using the rom from the sd, simply put the sd in the device,
then enter the bootloader, it will prompt with a y or n to flash from storage.

---- Windows Mobile will think this card is unformatted, it is formatted, so dont format---

Apache instructions and how to dump your rom to your pc, for editing.. to come shortly.

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Comment by Jolly, on 16-Aug-2006 15:28

Any idea when you will post the Apache dump guide?

Author's note by inane, on 16-Aug-2006 17:45

tonight or tomorrow night.

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