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the IT Goddess calendar and associated thoughts

, posted: 14-Jul-2006 12:01

I was reading the thread @

and my thoughts are,

why are they only advertising women in the calendar to attract women?
from what I know a lot of women are put off IT because of the guys who supposedly work in it.
(at the same time I know women who went into IT purely because they really did know the sorts of guys who work in it)

wouldnt they have been better off to create an IT Gods and Goddesses calendar?

but then the would have been blatant about the fact they are trying to sell IT on the Premise that good looking people work in IT as well...

IT is a bit like any job that requires a lot of ability, you can get so far, but to get beyond a certain point you need to have that extra  "something" the drive, the passion,

the "Geeklightenment" to truly enjoy what you do.

yeah sure you can get trained up in it all and work really hard. but why do it if you dont like it?

if you want to earn big $ be a plumber, then you get your own hours, good pay, and nobody uses beauracratic BS to hide the fact that most of the time you are up to your armpits in your customers ....

just to get the job done.

(ok. I rate that the most inane blog entry so far)

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Comment by juha, on 14-Jul-2006 15:09

Maybe we should all show off our hard bods in the GZ 2006 calendar? :P

Comment by tonyhughes, on 14-Jul-2006 17:23

2006 Geekzone Calendar!!!!!! MUAHAHHAAHHAHAHHAHHA W00T !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by sonja Bernhardt, on 1-Aug-2006 22:59

ah look further it;s the proftis from the sales that will be donated to running traditional projects and programs that are aimed at encouraging more women in IT! - the calendar serves a purpose. initially getting the topic on the table and hotly debated, then raising awareness, then sales, then more sustainable activity:-)

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