Mobile devices, Planets and the Human Condition

where is technology taking us?

, posted: 18-Jul-2006 21:34

Once apon a time computers were going to make our lives easier they were goin to enable us to work less hours get things done faster, however instead of this, they have made life more compact,

In fact much like moores law,

"he complexity for minimum component costs has increased at a rate of roughly a factor of two per year ... Certainly over the short term this rate can be expected to continue, if not to increase. Over the longer term, the rate of increase is a bit more uncertain, although there is no reason to believe it will not remain nearly constant for at least 10 years. That means by 1975, the number of components per integrated circuit for minimum cost will be 65,000. I believe that such a large circuit can be built on a single wafer."

Life styles seem to be compacting, with more and more trying to be achieved everyday,

this holds true in all sorts of ways,  a real life example: Im currently writing this on an Apache while I walk,

when I get home I will edit it and fix it up a bit, but the main content is being done while on the move.

Its quite incredible, the fact is everything in life today it seems is more and more about how much we can fit into a smaller space.


Txting for instance, its all about communicating faster and within a smaller space.

 The old adage of "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" becomes "th qik brwn fx jmps ovr th lzy dg"

 or a simple question of "hey there, if you arent up to anything later on, let me know, catch you later"

becomes "hey if u rnt up 2 nethng l8r on lt me no, cya"

And while some people abhor this bastardization of english, the problem is the english language (although poetic whimsical and unadulteratedly expressive) has always been a bastardisation

but it isnt just the language, its the activities, at work, at home, and everything...


more and more expectations for more and more  to get done...

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