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I found your blog by accident one day while looking for something else. I have made my extended rom viewable and writable... Thank you very much for that. My problem is that I had lots of contacts in my phone and after loading and reloading my apache so many times I've lost them. I have backed up the data with ms sync 4.2 (worthless if you ask me) I also use sbp backup which has saved me more than once. The problem with sbp is that the backup you create is a self executing file and re-images your data. It's like Ghost if you know what that program is. I tore in to the phone software wise and I thought I had the file that contained my contact data but it was not. near as I can figure it is a file that opens with poutlook.exe.
I don't want to manually re enter all of this information if I can help it. Calling Utech was usless I knew more about the phone that that "Technician". Do you know anything about this that could help me out?
I know that word creates an address.doc file with all the contacts located in the personal folder but that is not the file that opens when accessing Contacts.



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