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Getting OWA Certificate to show up in MS ISA Server, being run on the same machine

, posted: 25-Jul-2006 10:36

Ok, maybe you have had this problem, maybe you havent,
but for all my searching no-one has actually posted a fix for this on the internet.

the problem - Running ISA and OWA on the same server,
go to update the "Incoming Web Requests" certificate,
and Even though you have imported the correct certificate into the personal
it wont show up!

how to resolve,

ok, so you have to generate a request, then send it away. (or push it through
your own CA)
then on the OWA machine, the first step is:
-Apply it to the website.
then once it is applied to the website,
you need to export _With_ the Private key.
then you need to open up the Certificates snap-in,
(start->run, MMC <enter>, File->add, Add, Certificates, done, local machine -> done)
then right click on personal certificates, and "import"

select the certificate you have just exported,
and this bit is done.

the new certificate will now show up as an option.

simple, but if you get anything out of order, it wont work.

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