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"battery is critically low" - Oh No!

, posted: 30-Jul-2006 11:26

You know that feeling?
when you look at your phone, its going flat, and there is nothing you can do about it?
then with an almost aggressive shout it turns off?

thats where I am at the moment,
its really bizarre how instantly isolated and panic'd you feel when the phone is dead, or when you go out and discover you have left it behind,

it becomes a real crutch,
you start to think  "oh no, what if I miss a really important phone call, or if there is some sort of emergency!!"
"or what if something occurs that requires me to make an urgent phone call!!"

and hey lets face it, these are all true scenarios,

to be honest though, in the last week, the most important Phone call I got, was probably the one from hells pizza, confirming my order,

ok so I did get a couple of calls about system outages at my place of employment, but I was already heading in there to take a look at things so the value that they added where neglible.

and yet it makes my skin crawl at the moment, that at any second I could  be plunged into the digitaless divide,
my apache flat,
but realistically, I only have to go for a five minute walk, then I will be at work where I left my chargers, and I'll be able to rapidly get back in touch with all those life critical messages I could have missed,

the calls from the president, all the long lost friends trying to get in touch, and the call from the lawyer of a long lost recently deceased rich relative of whom Im the only living heir who has to get in touch with me immediately... yeah right.

I dont know about the rest of you, but my hour outside the barriers of mobile communication I will probably have missed maybe one phone call, and a couple of text messages, none of them earth shaking or life threatening.

the truth is, I am at home, my internet connection is going, I have a spare phone should an emergency happen,
and all I am probably doing is saving myself some money by not downloading my RSS feeds and Email OTA,

because I have that all on my pc anyway.

now, the times when you get a SMART failure on a disk, or the internet goes down, thats a different story all together...

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Comment by juha, on 30-Jul-2006 11:55

I don't really care if the Apache battery goes flat but it used to annoy the hell out of me on the Harrier... all user data not backed up to an SD card were lost. :\

Author's note by inane, on 30-Jul-2006 11:59

Oh yeah, that was awful on the harrier,

however at least the harrier had native backup support through activesync!!

but it was a real pain when that happened.

-queue the mission impossible theme-

-Harrier Main Battery flat- oh no, approx 30 minutes to make it to a charger 1 hour away....

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