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iRobot Roomba = Just brilliant

, posted: 31-Jul-2006 09:27

Well after seeing Freitasm's post about the iRobot Roomba
(you can read this here:

I decided to look a bit more seriously at this product,
but looking around my place I realised, that the only iRobot product that would
be like to function around the mountainous terrain of my open plan, uncarpeted
flat, full of everything from the decrepid shells of long time stripped AS400
servers to the latest in mobile gadgetry, would be one of the military bots the
iRobot corp manufacture, so I was at a loss at to how to justify purchasing one.

turns out I didnt have to, After talking to a friend of mine about the irobot,
they were hooked, and went out and purchased one.
to be honest, I expected they would be gimicky, and have a quickly fading appeal,
but this thing is actually great!
it works really well on the carpet, which after a few runs is looking much better
than it has in a long time,
It becomes clear why they sell so well,
but they would sell better if the sales people who sell them knew anything about them,
unfortunately every one of the sales people I spoke to were close to apathetic,
had absolutely no idea about them at all, and to be honest I know that my friend
would not have purchased one without the background research,
as the salespeople were useless!!

the only slight con is that it is a little noisy, but at the same time, its
nowhere near as noisy as a regular vacumn!

I would highly recommend them!

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Comment by KJ, on 6-Nov-2006 20:57

Author's note by inane, on 7-Nov-2006 09:05

the various reviews are mixed,

however, my personal experience with the two people who I have seen with roomba's are that they are a lot better than a conventional cleaner in a majority of effects,

the one in the review sounds like an earlier model without the advanced power supply,

the fact is both of the roombas I have seen have had a good battery life, always return to the base station,

and they definitely have airflow and suck up the dirt and dust deep in the carpet.

to the point where the carpets look professionally cleaned.

ok, so there is the odd corner that needs a quick once over every week or two, but thats about it.

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