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Next generation storage devices....

, posted: 3-Aug-2006 13:36

Next generation storage devices.... Recently a colleague of mine has been going through one of the most pleasurable tasks a true geek has, and that is speccing up and deciding on a completely new machine, In the end he has chosen a very nice set up indeed, During discussions on various additional components, We discussed the Gigabyte I-ram, or the GC RamDiskAs it is also known. 
IRAM image This product is great, its been talked about for years, finally someone has made it, For those of you who are wondering, the gigabyte I-ram is a pci card, that also has a sata connection on it.It has 4 standard ddr slots that you install standard ddr into, It has a battery as well.The PC recognizes it as a drive, but it is blindingly fast because its all solid state, no moving parts.  Id love to get my hands on one of these, and do some benchmarking, I think they are a fantastic move. Hopefully with this product now on the market we will start to see a trend where more devices come onto the market. 

What I would like to see is a similar device,  But instead of a PCI card, that could be difficult to squeeze in,  especially if you are running an SLI system.

 Id be keen to see a 3.5 inch version, shaped like a hdd, but can be opened up to insert more ram, I figure you could contain the Sata controller inside that as well. You would then have it all powered by the sata power. That’s enough for now, I’ll update this again soon.

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Comment by chiefie, on 3-Aug-2006 13:53

what's the life expectancy of the battery to keep the data retained in the RAM? last thing you want is the precious data gone disappeared. I supposed the best setup for this for pagefile? I mean, let's face it, you need pagefile regardless how you tell Windows not to. Hehe...

the 3.5" SATA RAM drive sounds good, but Samsung has already developed 16GB SSD, which is an option on Samsung Q1 SSD, and also used in Sony VGN-UX90s

Author's note by inane, on 3-Aug-2006 18:11

I believe the battery life is around 16 hours

ok, the samsung ssd, any idea on cost?

Comment by OL8, on 1-Aug-2007 19:07

samsung ssds wont give you the same fast data transfer rates as the iram, the iram has a (115MB/s min) to (150MB/s max) transfer rate samsung ssds have 40MB/s max wich is as slow as sata, ramdisks are so fast you can actually play games from them without any frame rate loss or any stutters (even without drivers) and even on the low end video cards, and you can boot XP in around 8 seconds. Only the ramsan 400 and the zeusIOPS is faster.

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