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Internet Blackout - Support it.

, posted: 17-Feb-2009 13:58

Kiwicon '08

, posted: 27-Sep-2008 09:12

Kiwicon '08,

things have just kicked off with the first speaker about to start, should be an interesting day,

I'll keep some irregular updates as to whats going on during the day.

the keynote entry "Welcome to all th (read the entire post)...

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Mobile Advertising, Youtube tests adverts on its mobile portal

, posted: 19-Aug-2008 12:27

Youtube Mobile Advertising,

So youtube has begun testing out ads for its mobile portal,

this move doesn't surprise me, and unfortunately, I'm not neccessarily unsupportive of the move.

basica (read the entire post)...

The Dark Knight: Batman remodeled.

, posted: 28-Jul-2008 12:36

I took the opportunity to see "The Dark Knight" on saturday night, (in Reading Cinemas Gold Lounge)

and I have to admit, the hype is not totally misplaced, it is a stunning movie,

Heath Ledger truly played the part to a legenda (read the entire post)...

Transformers Movie... Their war.... our world! (No - Spoilers)

, posted: 9-Jul-2007 10:09

OMFG! this movie is the best movie ever.

Super intelligent robots with big guns that drive fast and hack computers.

how can you get any cooler than that?

this movie absolutely rocks, they did a fantastic j (read the entire post)...

Review: Razer Diamondback

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 10:40

I have recently purchased (no freebies here) a Razer Diamondback gaming mouse.

it's absolutely fantastic, but before going into the details, lets look at the specs:

Razer Precision™ Optical Engine1600 DPIUltra - (read the entire post)...

The best software for your Mum, Dad, Uncle, Mate or sister.

, posted: 5-Mar-2007 11:41

We all have them,
Those members of your family or your "Friends", and they will call you up and ask you around for dinner, or maybe for a drink, and while you are there you will get the

"Seeing as you are here, could you take a look a (read the entire post)...

MyBloglog Broken!... UPDATE:- Now Fixed.

, posted: 13-Feb-2007 13:27

They are fairly on to it. MyBlogLog now fixed.

Looks like someone should have followed the change control process!!

it could be just me, but when I go to anything but the main page I get something that looks like this:
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Gadgets, Games & Geeks Event

, posted: 6-Jul-2006 14:05

Went Along to the UP event Gadgets, Games & Geeks Event last night,
was quite interesting, although I must admit I was a bit put off by
the saturation of apple based products,dont get me wrong, I think apple make some really great devices, (read the entire post)...

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