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a Few good, legal and handy ways to listen to music online.

, posted: 9-Jun-2011 17:18

like most of us these days, I spend barely a minute away from internet connectivity, and one thing the internet is great for is music,

I thought I'd list a few of the services I use to stream music online, if you have others you use let me (read the entire post)...

Some thoughts on Twitter, facebook and the dot com bubble burst.

, posted: 11-Nov-2009 20:25

It seems to me than many of the current "Social networking" and web 2.0 sites are merging towards the same stream, which is I guess a good thing,

when you take a look at all the different offerings out there, its nice to see various applic (read the entire post)...

Razer Mamba. fantastic.

, posted: 3-Aug-2009 12:59

Much to my crying and pleading, and attempts at further fixing it, my Razer diamondback shone its last little red beam last week.

not to cry over busted mouse too long... (well busted cable, it had been thrice fixed through a complicated p (read the entire post)...

My Love - Hate relationship with my iPhone

, posted: 25-Jul-2009 13:35

I got My iPhone 2g around 18 months ago,

since then, for the most part, its been a great phone.

I've enjoyed using it, and its been incredibly robust.

those that have met me in real life have seen the cracks in the sc (read the entire post)...

JET-PACK! Kiwi - Inventor launches personal levitation device.

, posted: 31-Jul-2008 14:00

(With Videos, Pictures and additional info links)
Finally! it has happened, a functional "Jet-pack" that could actually be practical in the real - world!

Ok, so its not actually a "jet" pack so to speak,

some pundits (read the entire post)...

ICANN vote on new Top Level Domains

, posted: 24-Jun-2008 14:31

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is getting ready to vote later this week to open up the TLD's to allow more options.

This thursday ICANN will vote on a proposal to allow for the purchase of new generic TLD's (read the entire post)...

Videotrace: Rapid interactive scene modelling from video.

, posted: 23-Jun-2008 14:01

A really cool new piece of technology is in the works from a collaboration between "The Austrailian centre for Visual technologies (University of Adelaide)" and "The Oxford Brookes computer Vision Group"

This tech. is really neat, (read the entire post)...

Mod-Chippers across the US get cracked.

, posted: 3-Aug-2007 08:27

In what the press are hailing as a victory against pirates the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency

have raid more than 30 businesses and homes in 16 different states to crack down on the illegal mod chipping of Consoles.
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HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray, The War Heats Up.

, posted: 31-Jul-2007 08:30

Japanese adult film makers have announced the decision to move forward producing their adult content on Blu-Ray discs,This is a great plus for Sony, who's format was suffering due to the American adult filum industry deciding to move forward with HD- (read the entire post)...

Flying cars getting closer, Moller International launches the M200G Volantor!

, posted: 30-Jul-2007 13:31

At the end of June this year, Moller International began the production of a Jetsons like ground effect vehicle!

The vehicle is designed to take off and land vertically,

Dr. Moller has been quoted as saying the M200G is "the u (read the entire post)...

Favourite and Most Hated programming language...

, posted: 15-Jul-2007 12:06

I wondered, what are the most commonly favourite programming languages?

this isn't necessarily the one that you use at work or the one that earns the most money, just the one that is your favorite to code in.

eg,< (read the entire post)...

NZ shopping hours - in particular computer retailers.

, posted: 14-Jul-2007 13:34

I lived overseas for more or less a decade, on returning to new zealand, I could not believe a majority of retail trading hours.

The first time it really hit home was late on a tuesday night when I decided to pop out and get a burger from (read the entire post)...

what is life?

, posted: 4-Jul-2007 00:09

seriously, what is life?

is life merely an illusion that provides us with a perspective as to why everything doesn't happen all at once?

is life merely the motions we go through for a selective process of cross matchin (read the entire post)...

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TOP 500 supercomputer list released.

, posted: 28-Jun-2007 12:03

The 29th TOP500 list has been released, this has been released during the International Supercomputing conference, currently being held in dresden germany.
the results aren't that surprising,

For the fourth time in a row IBM's (read the entire post)...

IPv6 TelstraClear has an Answer!

, posted: 26-Jun-2007 09:33

So I finally got an answer back from TCL...

and although the news isn't the best, its better than no answer at all....

Hello inane,

Thank you for contacting TelstraClear.

IPv6 is not current (read the entire post)...

IPv6 Not Implemented yet?!?!?

, posted: 17-Jun-2007 11:23

in the ongoing saga, the latest response from TCL =

Response (Helpdesk)17/06/2007 10.41 AM Dear inane,

Thank you for contacting us.

IPv6 has not being implemented as of yet, so using an AAAA r (read the entire post)...

New Zealand needs to adopt nuclear power.

, posted: 16-Jun-2007 12:21

I bored with NZ's "anti-nuclear" and various green panderings.

I think we need to do an about face and become a world leader. for the government trying to destroy the value of the dollar they are only delaying the inevitable, there is (read the entire post)...

Updated! IPv6 the future is here (?) the second response is... wikipedia!

, posted: 16-Jun-2007 11:23

Subject Cable account, IP Address for IPv6 Discussion Thread Response (Helpdesk)16/06/2007 11.12 AM Dear Inane,

Thank you for contacting us.

IPv6 is not current being used as of yet. You do not need to configur (read the entire post)...

Damned if you do... Damned if you don't the catch-22 of the big internet sites.

, posted: 23-May-2007 19:27

Take the case of Gootube vs. Thailand, Yahoo vs. China or the recent case involving the popular social networking / semi-blogging site MySpace.
overview of the situation : Myspace has been under significant heat and criti (read the entire post)...

Michael Sutton, Kiwi Inventor sues Nokia for patent infringement

, posted: 3-May-2007 15:47

Its all over the news, apparently Michael Sutton owns the patent to technology that is described in various news sources as "very similar to SMS - short messaging service / system"

this is an interesting predicament. I have two views,
read the entire post)...

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