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Spore Creature creator... Available for download.

, posted: 20-Jun-2008 09:32

As Part of the viral marketing campaign for the game that is arguably one of the most anticipated releases of the year,

EA have released the "Spore creature creator" for trial or purchase.

the trial is available here: http://www (read the entire post)...

Duke Nukem Forever, Teaser Trailer...

, posted: 21-Dec-2007 08:52

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars!

, posted: 21-Jul-2007 15:25

After much hunting and Searching, I managed to get a copy of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Preorder kit.
The main reason for wanting the preorder kit rather than just preordering was so that I could pre-register my name.
< (read the entire post)...

2K Announces Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the SwordTM Expansion Pack

, posted: 29-Mar-2007 21:38

New York, NY - March 28, 2007 - 2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. announced today that Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword™,

the latest expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Civilizat (read the entire post)...

More Frags, less deaths? Gamers who are Surgeons are better operators...

, posted: 22-Feb-2007 11:16

According to a US report released today Surgeons who are also gamers are more skilled and make fewer errors than those who don't play Computer games.

While this comes as no surprise to me, as I have always had a firm belief that games, (read the entire post)...

Virgin to Launch Games service like iTunes.

, posted: 13-Feb-2007 10:20

Virgin Games and GDI forge alliance for digital distribution of games Virgin Games ( today announced a partnership with Games Domain International (GDI) to offer a revolutionary service (read the entire post)...

Neverwinter Nights 2: its here. finally!

, posted: 15-Nov-2006 10:44

Thats Right,

I have had comfirmation that Neverwinter nights 2 has finally arrived and is stock at many games outlets ready to be sold tomorrow.

this has been a long wait for many of us, and after the long delays and the release (read the entire post)...

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New Zealand

I'm a professional Geek, and also in my own time, I am likely to write about all manner of things on this blog.
Of late I haven't updated this place much, but I need to do some revamping and dust off the cobwebs a bit. so thats what I'll do. going to aim for a minimum of three times a week updated here to begin, then perhaps head towards every day!

Who knows! 

but for now I hope you enjoy what you read, and that I aid the constant novelty and stimulus to your brain that the internet provides us all, in a way nothing else can!

I am likely to comment on everything here, but my current topics of choice are

*Mobile Devices
*general and specific ramblings
*Dvorak Keyboard

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