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levitation, scientists have achieved levitation with small animals, are we next?

, posted: 7-Jan-2007 08:27

Levitation is something I personally find fascinating, it has always been one of the technologies that has been touted as "in the future"

Scientists & researches at the Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi'an, China have success (read the entire post)...

Conclusive Evidence of Lakes on Titan, finally.

There has been predictions for years about there being lakes on Titan,

however as is often the case with these things they have had a hard time proving this.

Recently however the European Cassini space craft has been preforming (read the entire post)...

Transformers 2007 the movie.

, posted: 3-Jan-2007 11:12

Coming in April this year is the Transformers Movie,

I for one am waiting with baited breath to see if they'll do a good job of it - firstly,

and secondly if they will be gearing it towards the same group who used to watch (read the entire post)...

Pyramids at Giza vs. Pyramids at Visoko

Google Earth Image fight between Giza and Visoko / Pyramid of the sun.

Egyptian pyramids: 1, Bosnian Pyramids: 0

The possibility of Pyramids in Bosnia is exciting, but it'll take a while before they can compare with this:
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Pyramids at Giza - smaller than the real thing? Bosnian Pyramid Controversy

The Colossal and majestic pyramids at Giza in Egypt, over 4,500 years old and a staggering 145 metres in height is an undeniably incredible construction.

nothing constructed before or since can compare with such longevity, size and sheer i (read the entire post)...

Big Brother is Watching... but so are all your little brothers too... (Predictions Part 4)

, posted: 22-Dec-2006 15:09

I have been conducting a bit of an informal survey, and sure enough, most people would get chipped if necessary.

One of the scenarios that I have touted is the following (this has been more towards computer type people as well'

read the entire post)...

Top Searches for 2006: Social Networking, Paris Hilton and How to Scream - Google Zeigeist 2006

, posted: 20-Dec-2006 12:11

Google Zeitgeist has released the top searches for 2006. there are some that are fairly predictable, some surprising and some very indicative of the times, the number one search spot was taken out by "bebo",

f (read the entire post)...

Experience space exploration from home thanks to Google and NASA

One day soon you'll be able to wander through the martian wilderness, check out whether there really is any water and truly experience what its like to be on Mars.

Sooner though you'll be able to explore mars in 3D in a much more c (read the entire post)...

IE7 - Optimised for Google.

, posted: 18-Dec-2006 08:31

Google has released, in much the same fashion as its current firefox download offerings,
A version of Internet Explorer 7 that has been optimised for google.

in true google fashion really, not that controversial, but Its the one I' (read the entire post)...

Water on Mars!? all signs point to Yes.

In a statement released on December 6, nasa has provided a number of "before" and "after" photos of a gully in Mars that is strongly pointing towards the conclusion that not only does Mars have water, but that it has flowed on mars in recent the entire post)...

RFID implants - movies (Predictions Part 3.5)

, posted: 14-Dec-2006 12:05

following on from my article yesterday, here are a couple of clips of the implantation of the RFIDs:

part four will be posted tomorrow as I'm on the apache today, not the most conducive device for wri (read the entire post)...

Identity Chips, Human implants - voluntary. (Predictions Part 3)

, posted: 13-Dec-2006 12:14

The next step, which one might imagine is a little further off… You would expect would cause a bit more furor But isn't, is the chipping of people.
The one most beneficial point I think of an RFID implant is that it is so much better than (read the entire post)...

Crime, Why you should keep your old Microwave, Open Source T-Shirts and Clothing End user licensing! (Predictions Part 2)

, posted: 12-Dec-2006 11:11

Following on from Part One of my near-Future Predictions still on RFID,

Making the assumption that next to everything will end up with an RFID tag,
A smart potential thief could drive around a targeted area using an RFID (read the entire post)...

Inanes Predictions of things to come Part 1.

, posted: 11-Dec-2006 14:20

Perhaps that should read "Inane predictions of things to come"?
With the International data protect and privacy commissioners conference just completed and many commentaries in the press,
there is a lot of talk about the future of privacy. (read the entire post)...

English lessons, mugging and aerobics.

, posted: 9-Dec-2006 11:30

Browsing youtube whilst patching nwn2 and I cam across this gem.

It starts a bit slowly, but hang in there and you will definitely be going "WTF?!?!?"

(read the entire post)...

The 'Surveillance Society' is already with us..

, posted: 20-Nov-2006 12:15

Thats right! - that is one of the points in the closing communique from the 28th international conference of data protection and Privacy commissioners.

but there is some good points in the communique,

about three quarters of t (read the entire post)...

Neverwinter Nights 2: its here. finally!

, posted: 15-Nov-2006 10:44

Thats Right,

I have had comfirmation that Neverwinter nights 2 has finally arrived and is stock at many games outlets ready to be sold tomorrow.

this has been a long wait for many of us, and after the long delays and the release (read the entire post)...

Key Counter Application is ready!

, posted: 3-Nov-2006 12:59

Its been a long time coming, but the application is pretty much there.

those of you who contacted me to say you are interested in participating, firstly, thanks.

secondly, I'll be contacting you shortly with instructions on (read the entire post)...

Apologies for the delay in the next update.

, posted: 3-Oct-2006 11:49

I am currently working on the next promised update, unfortunately the real world (and the day job) tend to get in the way from time to time.

next update before the end of the week.

(as a random fact, today I have pressed 6223 ke (read the entire post)...

Search for the Ultimate Keyboard layout. Be part of it!

, posted: 23-Sep-2006 14:19

This will be your chance to help increase the Total sum of Humanities Knowledge.

As I have posted as part of my series of articles on the Keyboard, I am planning a study on the keyboard use of as many people as possible.

The goa (read the entire post)...

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