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the IT Goddess calendar and associated thoughts

, posted: 14-Jul-2006 12:01

I was reading the thread @

and my thoughts are,

why are they only advertising women in the calendar to attract women?
from what I know a lot of women are put off (read the entire post)...

How To dump Your HARRIER ROM

, posted: 11-Jul-2006 08:55

********HARRIER USERS WARNING*************
*** This will Hard-Reset your Harrier ***
******************************************the following method is very similar to that of the apache, however,
the apache requires specific add (read the entire post)...

More Slips on SH2 @ horokiwi... down to one lane both ways.

, posted: 7-Jul-2006 07:44

Just in case any of you who live in the hutt are as geeky as me, and check your feeds / news before leaving for work,

call in sick today! or say your going to be late!

there is another slip on SH2 and it is down to one lane, so (read the entire post)...

Gadgets, Games & Geeks Event

, posted: 6-Jul-2006 14:05

Went Along to the UP event Gadgets, Games & Geeks Event last night,
was quite interesting, although I must admit I was a bit put off by
the saturation of apple based products,dont get me wrong, I think apple make some really great devices, (read the entire post)...

Italy 2 - Germany 0 what a game!

, posted: 5-Jul-2006 09:31

Im not usually much of a soccer person, but that even had me roaring away at the screen with some of my colleagues,

2 goals in the final 30 seconds of extra time.

that is true style!

(sorry I would never usually write (read the entire post)...

Unlocking your Extended Rom PART2 - Make it Writable!

, posted: 4-Jul-2006 09:29

Here it is!
although not in the form I had hoped.
sorry about the delay, I was going to write a full tutorial about how to unlock your Extended-ROM,
however I have been so flat out at work I havent had the time, sooto make it easier:-< (read the entire post)...

Guide to unlocking the Apache Extended - ROM

, posted: 29-Jun-2006 12:24

PART 1: - Viewing the Extended ROM

You will need a Registry editor.... or if you dont care how it works, you just want to see your files, skip to the end.

Backing up your registry is always a good idea before modifying.

read the entire post)...

Overclocked Harrier Vs AKU2 Apache

, posted: 27-Jun-2006 19:28

rather disappointed in the Apache I must admit... currently running the benchmark on a stock speed harrier... lets see how it goes...

apache Report Spb Benchmark Indices Spb Benchmark index 342.45 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000) CPU (read the entire post)...

Apache AKU2 vs overclocked harrier...

, posted: 27-Jun-2006 18:31

Apache results to come...
The First results in:


The Harrier was running at 1ghz (disclaimer, I by no means suggest it is safe, nor do I recommend overclocking any device at any time)

(read the entire post)...

sleeping trouble? insomnia?

, posted: 26-Jun-2006 00:30

A quick thought I had,

but how many of you out there have trouble with sleep?

I know I do, and have met a lot of people in IT who have trouble.

I think it could be an interesting topic to start explorirng if it recie (read the entire post)...

Why are you still using Qwerty?

, posted: 23-Jun-2006 13:22

From the ibm website: 'An English keyboard with better typing speed is the Dvorak keyboard. Despite the better typing performance, this keyboard has never caught on…' - the entire post)...

AKU2 - not a crash, but definate lockup.

, posted: 22-Jun-2006 17:47

ok, after some further investigation I dont think it was a complete crash,

initial symptoms:

open file explorer->browse to storage card,
Open directory with a large number of files in it, including a sub-directory (read the entire post)...

Crash - issue update...

, posted: 22-Jun-2006 14:20

Thanks for the comments guys,turns out that its a specific directory on the Card causing the issue which
is interesting,
I havent tested every directory, but I'll try to figure out what is causing it,
but its definately been sinc (read the entire post)...

AKU2.2 Update Caution 1GB Sandisk Mini-SD crashes unit...

, posted: 22-Jun-2006 12:03

A bit of a warning note,

its here because I havent been able to fully substantiate my findings,

After Updating to AKU2.2, I can no longer browse my SD card using the Standard File Explorer, Aside from the root level of the card. (read the entire post)...

Apache, AKU2

, posted: 21-Jun-2006 10:52

Well I have updated my apaches to AKU2,

running one over Private office networking, the other straight over the internet,

it will be interesting to see the difference in battery life once I have Push email fully configured.
read the entire post)...

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