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Dramatic Hamster!

, posted: 22-Nov-2007 12:51

For those of you with a sense of humour like mine... the dramatic hamster...

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100 years of the Helicopter, its 100 today!

, posted: 13-Nov-2007 07:18

100 years ago today, Paul Cornu, a french bicycle maker is credited as the first person to rise vertically in powered free flight.

at a gigantic height of 1 foot high, for a total of around 20 seconds

There was an earlier fligh (read the entire post)...

NZ Terrorism Suppression Raids; Who are the Terrorists?

, posted: 16-Oct-2007 08:31

Over the weekend there were a number of Raids by police, in a majority of centres around the country under the "Terrorism Suppression Act"

What I want to know is who are the real terrorists here?

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What Keyboard layout do you use?

, posted: 4-Oct-2007 11:10

I'd love to gather some statistics on what percentage of people use different keyboard layouts,

if you could take 5 seconds to leave a comment here with "qwerty" or "dvorak" or "colemak" (or whatever it is) that would be great,
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Monster Duck-billed Dinosaur found in Utah, America..

Well the fossilised remains of one at least!

The fossilized remains are that of a late cretaceous period herbivore,

possibly the biggest in the area at the time, it could have grown to nine meters in length, it also had a power (read the entire post)...

Privacy laws get long overdue tidyup over Motorist Registration (NZ)

, posted: 4-Oct-2007 07:16

A Land Transport Amendment Bill will ensure greater privacy for car owners.

No longer will anyone be able to walk into a post-office and get all your private details from your Registration plate, from here on in, the details will only be h (read the entire post)...

XKCD rocks.

, posted: 2-Oct-2007 17:27


Todays cartoon. this is soo true.

The BEST linux based joke. EVER. "."

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Apple releasing self-destruct code for iPhone, iCripple

, posted: 25-Sep-2007 13:34

Why am I not surprised?

Apple are spin doctoring at the moment claiming "Unlocking your iPhone could render the iPhone permanently unusable"

ONCE you install a patch from apple.

so what they mean is "We are releasing (read the entire post)...

Velociraptor was a Turkey!?

Its currently being reported that more and more investigation and study of Velociraptor models are showing that the velociraptor was less of a monstrous lizard on steroids, and more of, well a monstrous turkey on steroids.

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NZ Chief Spymaster announces Cyber attacks compromised government computers...

Warren Tucker, head of the Security Intelligence Service has announced in his first interview since taking up the role, that the SIS have detected a number of successful attacks against New Zealand government systems.

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Bee's, Bears and the End of the World... its a fairly dreary outlook...

, posted: 10-Sep-2007 13:20

Taking a glance through the reported news today, I find its a fairly dreary outlook,

Honey Bee's are all dying off, and the mysterious ways in which they disappear (a phenomenon know for years as CCD - Colony Collapse Disorder, is now (read the entire post)...

Hyper kids, ADHD and Additives...

, posted: 7-Sep-2007 14:00

A newly released study proves what every parent, and I'd take a guess any person who has spent a reasonably time around children, has known for a long time,

and that is:
Red Cordial makes kids hyper!!

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The most positively evil thing ever created.

, posted: 15-Aug-2007 10:01

this is a video clip of the most positively evil thing ever created.

I can hear 1 bar of this and it sends me into a righteous rage with no thought but to stop the satanic howling...

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Supposedly the first Mobile Phone Commercial ever...

, posted: 15-Aug-2007 07:10

its a bit of a laugh....

ps. is anyone else getting performance issues on that video? (read the entire post)...

Country Of Origin Food Labelling Campaign launched by the Green Party

, posted: 5-Aug-2007 11:29

Here in New Zealand we have just had one of our political parties, the Greens (called such due to their affiliation with eco-friendly policy) to have all foods labelled with their country of origin.

I for one a quite keen for this m (read the entire post)...

Mod-Chippers across the US get cracked.

, posted: 3-Aug-2007 08:27

In what the press are hailing as a victory against pirates the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency

have raid more than 30 businesses and homes in 16 different states to crack down on the illegal mod chipping of Consoles.
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, posted: 2-Aug-2007 09:18 is a web comic of romance, sarcasm, math and language, its also one of my favourites,

this mornings toon has had me chuckling for a while:

(if you are wondering "wtf is lisp" the wikipedia entry is here: htt (read the entire post)...

afternoon light bulb jokes...

, posted: 1-Aug-2007 13:53

How many members of the U.S.S. Enterprise does it take to change a
light bulb?
A: Seven. Scotty has to report to Captain Kirk that the light bulb in
the Engineering Section is getting dim, at which point Kirk will send
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All Your Base Are Belong To Us...

, posted: 1-Aug-2007 07:25

I'll bet most of you remember this, but when was the last time you actually watched it?

for those of you who weren't around at the time, AYB is pretty much the "benchmark" for internet phenomena...

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Apache Extended Rom Unlocker.

, posted: 31-Jul-2007 21:12

Quick update, for all those looking for the extended rom unlocker

(as mentioned HERE)

I've rehosted it elsewhere (the old link was dead)

so you can now get it from HERE

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