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HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray, The War Heats Up.

, posted: 31-Jul-2007 08:30

Japanese adult film makers have announced the decision to move forward producing their adult content on Blu-Ray discs,This is a great plus for Sony, who's format was suffering due to the American adult filum industry deciding to move forward with HD- (read the entire post)...

Flying cars getting closer, Moller International launches the M200G Volantor!

, posted: 30-Jul-2007 13:31

At the end of June this year, Moller International began the production of a Jetsons like ground effect vehicle!

The vehicle is designed to take off and land vertically,

Dr. Moller has been quoted as saying the M200G is "the u (read the entire post)...

Not everything is coming up Apple, Safari + iPhone flaw enables complete control exploit.

Some of the guys from Independant Security Evaluators have discovered a flaw that allows a malicious third party to take control of an iPhone through the use of a WiFi connection, or by getting users to go to a website that contains the Malicious cod (read the entire post)...

Cyborg Dog gets Bionic Paw. hopes raised for People.

, posted: 23-Jul-2007 08:17

This is great news for Humans who have lost limbs, but its also great news for dogs.

however most importantly it is great news for people such as myself (and I believe stephen hawking) who are huge supporters of beginning the scientific im (read the entire post)...

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars!

, posted: 21-Jul-2007 15:25

After much hunting and Searching, I managed to get a copy of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Preorder kit.
The main reason for wanting the preorder kit rather than just preordering was so that I could pre-register my name.
< (read the entire post)...

Imitation... the sincerest form of flattery? trademark infringement or Ip theft?

, posted: 19-Jul-2007 08:51

Well going about my Merry way, I happened apon a link posted by freitasm to his photo stream on Flickr...

and lo and behold!

look familiar to anyone??

Just a bit of a laugh!
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Favourite and Most Hated programming language...

, posted: 15-Jul-2007 12:06

I wondered, what are the most commonly favourite programming languages?

this isn't necessarily the one that you use at work or the one that earns the most money, just the one that is your favorite to code in.

eg,< (read the entire post)...

NZ shopping hours - in particular computer retailers.

, posted: 14-Jul-2007 13:34

I lived overseas for more or less a decade, on returning to new zealand, I could not believe a majority of retail trading hours.

The first time it really hit home was late on a tuesday night when I decided to pop out and get a burger from (read the entire post)...

I want this cat.

, posted: 14-Jul-2007 13:15

I have seen mention of this cat all over the net.

I want it - it is my desktop background and my messenger avatar.

every time I look at it, it makes me chuckle!


Love th (read the entire post)...

Transformers Movie... Their war.... our world! (No - Spoilers)

, posted: 9-Jul-2007 10:09

OMFG! this movie is the best movie ever.

Super intelligent robots with big guns that drive fast and hack computers.

how can you get any cooler than that?

this movie absolutely rocks, they did a fantastic j (read the entire post)...

A Beautiful Sunny Morning.

, posted: 8-Jul-2007 10:39

Its a beautiful sunny sunday morning here in wellington, its a gorgeous day.

if you are reading this, and its still sunday morning.

stop. get out there and make some memories :)

For those of you married/de facto (read the entire post)...

Apple iPhone, why I definitely wont get one.

, posted: 6-Jul-2007 12:46

Ok, so the Apple iPhone seems to have a definite love / hate across the internet at the moment,

unfortunately for Apple, what I mean by that is its a "love to hate" or just plain "hate".

theres all sorts of reasons for this, an (read the entire post)...

what is life?

, posted: 4-Jul-2007 00:09

seriously, what is life?

is life merely an illusion that provides us with a perspective as to why everything doesn't happen all at once?

is life merely the motions we go through for a selective process of cross matchin (read the entire post)...

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the 100 words every high school graduate and their parent should know...

, posted: 3-Jul-2007 17:47

As per the following, these are the hundred words you should know....

quite interesting test of english skills, I had trouble with one word in particular, free link to whoever can guess the correct word, (except for the person I've tol (read the entire post)...

TOP 500 supercomputer list released.

, posted: 28-Jun-2007 12:03

The 29th TOP500 list has been released, this has been released during the International Supercomputing conference, currently being held in dresden germany.
the results aren't that surprising,

For the fourth time in a row IBM's (read the entire post)...

Nintendo WII overtakes Playstation 3, It shouldn't suprise you, or me...

, posted: 26-Jun-2007 12:21

First of all you have my humble apologies for that terrible piece of poetry,

The big news is that Nintendo have overtaken Sony in market share - something that I not-so-humbly predicted quite some time ago.

and now Sony ar (read the entire post)...

IPv6 TelstraClear has an Answer!

, posted: 26-Jun-2007 09:33

So I finally got an answer back from TCL...

and although the news isn't the best, its better than no answer at all....

Hello inane,

Thank you for contacting TelstraClear.

IPv6 is not current (read the entire post)...

Video Games blamed for teens stealing car and shooting at police

, posted: 25-Jun-2007 12:31

The Facts:

in the Early hours of sunday morning, police spotted a stolen Ford Falcon XR6 (possibly turbo).
the police gave chase, those who were driving the stolen car fired shots back at the police, using a .303 rifle nonetheless!read the entire post)...

ESA calling for voluteers for Mission to Mars

The European Space Agency is looking for volunteers for a simulated mission to mars!

The short story, The ESA want some people who will undergo similar conditions that they expect a crew to undergo throughout a 500 day voyage to mars and b (read the entire post)...

The "Internet" a tool for Great good... or Evil...

, posted: 19-Jun-2007 13:34

Following on from my earlier post where I was congratulating the police involved in the bust, it lead me to thinking what an incredibly diverse and powerful thing the internet is.

it is in many sense akin to many "magic items" in many fant (read the entire post)...

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