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Installing Ubuntu - So easy, I may be about to join the darkside

, posted: 13-Mar-2007 16:22

The other day i thought I'd give linux a shot.

so I went along to the ubuntu page (

and clicked download.

downloaded the iso for 6.10 that went pretty quickly - while I was doing other bits (read the entire post)...

INSAT-4B Launched Successfully

SRO's latest satellite, INSAT-4B, was successfully launched early this morning (March 12, 2007) by the European Ariane-5 ECA launch vehicle of Arianespace. The 3,025 kg INSAT-4B is the second satellite in the INSAT-4 series. An identical satellit (read the entire post)...

Online Money making systems - Part 1.

, posted: 13-Mar-2007 02:06

Online Money making systems - in itself this is an almost "taboo" subject.

much in the same way people make mocking comments about those trying to sell "Amway" or any number of MLM's (Multi - Level Marketing) or Network marketing schem (read the entire post)...

ps3, second life, virtual worlds, etc.

, posted: 12-Mar-2007 10:09

reading recently about sonys annoucement regarding the PS3 home, its made me think,

what is the attraction to having another virtual world? in this day and age when we already have effectively two universes, one which is the internet, the (read the entire post)...

AMD Drives Industry Efforts to Enable Console-Quality Games for Handheld Devices

, posted: 10-Mar-2007 08:10

AMD today announced its strategy to enable visually stunning and immersive games and multimedia content optimized for handheld devices powered by AMD's next-generation graphics technologies. As a leading supplier to the handheld market, AMD is introd (read the entire post)...

Worlds Richest list released by forbes.

, posted: 9-Mar-2007 15:49

Its that time again,

forbes have released the latest list of the worlds billionaires, there is nothing too dramatic, the top ten spots are

William Gates III (Bill Gates - Mr. Microsoft) -- $56.0Billion
Warren Buffet - (read the entire post)...

Thought powered game controller - Emotiv releases a "mindreader"

, posted: 9-Mar-2007 13:09

Emotiv systems, a pioneer in brain computer interface technology has now launched the Emotiv Development Kit.


"With the EDK, developers will be able to create games that respond to a player's emotions and allow pla (read the entire post)...

Bugatti Veyron at 407 Kilometres per Hour!

, posted: 9-Mar-2007 11:50

This is an awesome video of the Awesome Bugatti veyron getting to and sustaining 407KPH!!!!! thats 252MPH!!!


Bugatti Veyron at top speed
Uploaded by Flabber (read the entire post)...

Sites I visit.

, posted: 7-Mar-2007 13:08

I have compilied a small list of some of the sites I like to visit,

some are useful, some are entertaining, some are well miscellanous.

In no particular order...

Well of course, its a fantastic si (read the entire post)...

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The best software for your Mum, Dad, Uncle, Mate or sister.

, posted: 5-Mar-2007 11:41

We all have them,
Those members of your family or your "Friends", and they will call you up and ask you around for dinner, or maybe for a drink, and while you are there you will get the

"Seeing as you are here, could you take a look a (read the entire post)...

Windows Vista Product Activation Cracked (but not really!) -Updated-

, posted: 4-Mar-2007 11:12

A resourceful hacker has released code that uses brute force to find valid product keys.

however as per his claims of a hoax, it is a hoax, and it isn't a hoax - the chances of you being around to see a successfull key aren't great (read the entire post)...

Lenovo recalls batteries! another Exploding laptop syndrome?

, posted: 2-Mar-2007 14:46

Lenovo is recalling a huge number of laptop batteries for the second time in less than twelve months,

this time they are recalling two different sorts of batteries, in apparently unrelated faults.

more information here
(read the entire post)...

Top Secret Classified Study by UK M.O.D. on

, posted: 24-Feb-2007 16:40

A top secret, Highly classified study by the UK Ministry of Defence,
on Remote Viewing type psychic phenomena has just been released under the freedom of information act.

What is remote viewing? Wikipedia says the following rega (read the entire post)...

Colossal Squid caught,

, posted: 23-Feb-2007 12:26

Off the coast of Antarctica, in the Ross Sea, a fishing boat has caught a rare colossal Squid, but not only that, but all reports indicate that it is the largest example of the species ever found,

although the species was first officially (read the entire post)...

IBM Fellow Emerita, Frances Allen presented with Turing Award.

, posted: 22-Feb-2007 11:17

Frances Allen, IBM Fellow Emerita has become first woman to be presented with prestigious A.M. Turing Award.

the citation is as follows: (

For pioneering c (read the entire post)...

More Frags, less deaths? Gamers who are Surgeons are better operators...

, posted: 22-Feb-2007 11:16

According to a US report released today Surgeons who are also gamers are more skilled and make fewer errors than those who don't play Computer games.

While this comes as no surprise to me, as I have always had a firm belief that games, (read the entire post)...

How To protect your Content from plagiarism.

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 17:55

Plagiarism, its a fairly hot topic at the moment.

so how do you protect yourself from it?

there is a great site called Copyscape, they offer an initial free service which returns a limited amount of results,

how (read the entire post)...

How to easily obtain a list of installed programs.

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 11:35

Today I came across the need to produce an editable text list of installed applications on a machine,

upon searching the net I came across a veritable treasure trove of scripts and utilities all in VBS form.

including a little v (read the entire post)...

How to Disable VSC / Traction Control in a Toyota

, posted: 19-Feb-2007 11:25

Disable the VSC / TRC for Caldina GTT - possibly for other models tooVery easy to implement, stupidly hard to figure out!

you will need a:

Phillips Head Screwdriver
Wire Cutters,
read the entire post)...

How to Make Chainmail or Maille

, posted: 18-Feb-2007 16:38

Inanes guide to making ChainMail.

Some people consider me to be a bit strange, and others consider me just a bit "inane" - hence the alias, but there are all manner of things that I find cool and / or interesting.

that includes (read the entire post)...

inane's profile

New Zealand

I'm a professional Geek, and also in my own time, I am likely to write about all manner of things on this blog.
Of late I haven't updated this place much, but I need to do some revamping and dust off the cobwebs a bit. so thats what I'll do. going to aim for a minimum of three times a week updated here to begin, then perhaps head towards every day!

Who knows! 

but for now I hope you enjoy what you read, and that I aid the constant novelty and stimulus to your brain that the internet provides us all, in a way nothing else can!

I am likely to comment on everything here, but my current topics of choice are

*Mobile Devices
*general and specific ramblings
*Dvorak Keyboard

Mobile devices and more

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