More Crypto - Social currency? Redd Coins

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 17-Apr-2014 15:51

So after getting a feel for Lite Coin mining (see my previous blog post), the difficulty eventually has become quite high, making it increasingly more difficult to earn coins, (which makes it also less profitable to mine).
I was able to mine about 9.5 lite coins since I started. Quite happy with that result. Also setup an exchange account, and popped a couple of them into the exchange for a little play.

Decided to look at some of the other Alt coins around, and was contemplating DOGE coin. They have been legitimising their coins by setting up a charity site, where organisations could ask for so many millions of coins (at the time it was around $1 USD = 1400 DOGE). With Bitcoin dropping all coins have also dropped in value. The other kicker for DOGE was you had to ask someone to take your coins in exchange for something else. This was a little risky. There are now a couple of crypto exchanges out there allowing you to exchange for BitCoins and sometimes LiteCoins. So not as risky as it once was.
I also thought the idea of mining towards charities seemed like a good idea, you could join the charity mining pool, and donate 50% mined to your charity, and keep the other 50%, or just flat out mine and donate.

DOGE is still a popular Alt Coin used around currently. And then...

Just by pure fluke, I was looking up Tipping coins for some reason and stumbled across a brand new player.
They had just finished re-branding and their website looked exceptionally professional.
They also had listed on their website several mining pools, and also a nice handful of exchanges ready to go.
I don't think this is the norm, so did a bit more digging.

They are calling themselves the Social Tipping coin, or Redd Coin.
I have to admit I think this concept by far sounds like a very logical idea, especially with the online social networks out there. And they are "PUSHING" themselves very well, with developers etc. All very promising.
Launched early APril 2014, this one is def worth a looksie.

I have been mining since last Thursday, and have earned almost 500,000 coins already.
And because I like the concept of this coin I am also one of the highest donators to my pool. These donations not only help keep the pool going, but also allow them to continue developing towards the new social coin.

So what are these coins worth? Not very much. 10,000 Redd Coins = $1 USD approximately.
But this makes the coin mining much more profitable than litecoins for me now. So I think its worth it.

Biggest obstacle they face is getting a legitimate facebook tipping system in place. So they are working around the system a little right now.
Interesting stuff. But if this coin does work out, and gets anywhere close to what DOGE coin is worth, or even overtakes DOGE. This could be a very good investment indeed. =)

I still use my GUIMiner-Scrypt to mine Redd and it was pretty easy to setup.
So if your interested in getting on board something brand new right from the start (before the hype sets in) then this could be worth a looksie.

If your a developer and want to contribute, maybe we could get a Redd Tipping system for Geekzone =)

Helpful Links: - Official Redd Coin site - Pool I am using - but all the official mining pools are listed on the official site link above.

This also would be one of the 1st coins to actually give you pretty much all the info you require to get started.
But if you get a little stuck, check out my previous post about Lite Coin mining, which has some setup articles.
I am using the same miner setup for this and any other alt coin I might like to mine. =)

LiteCoins - My experience so far

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 4-Feb-2014 23:30

OK, so basically, I was told about Lite Coins (its like a new Bit Coin variant).  Knowing what happened to bit coins, decided to try mining lite coins.  Who knows what will happen, but if it continues to grow, then mining them with existing hardware (if you have the right stuff) could contribute to a nice Christmas bonus (sometime in the near/distant future).

I found some guides online which I read up and eventually followed.  It seams as long as you have some sort of gaming or decent performance ATI graphics card (nVidia does not perform as well, there is a whole article about this topic alone), and a computer for it to run in.  Then you could probably switch it to mine mode when your not using it.  Like when your sleeping (if the noisey pc is not around) or at work, on holiday, out at parties.. you get the idea.

I have an old crusty (but still working) ATI Radeon 4850 x2.  You can see it near the beginning of this chart (which means its at the bottom and performs poorly).  Chances are, if you have a gaming rig, then you probably have a better graphics card than me.  =)

Mining Hardware Comparison

You will need to set some things up
  • Download the Lite Coin wallet
  • Make Catalyst Software installed
  • Latest GFX card drivers installed
  • Get yourself CgMiner or GUIminer-Scrypt
  • Join a network, setup your worker, then start mining
Done . right?

Pretty much.  I did all this stuff, and found the card performing ok.  It was outputting 107 kh/s.
I also joined a network in the US (vegas).  I didn't realise this at the time, but latency affects your successful processing (or mining).  You want more successsful attempts without any loses.  I was averaging 1/5 loss/success ratio.

You can also tweak the settings.  This can allow for larger output.  I ended up fiddling around with overclocking and tweaking numbers.  I have 2x GPU on my card, so was able to setup 2 miners eventually both running at 107 each.  I managed to get higher output, but it was not as stable and kept overheating.
Can be fun to experiment seeing how much you can push the boundaries.  Or just run as standard.  Either way your mining right?

OK so my workmate (who also told me to start LiteCoin mining) also pointed me at a new Mining network with a Melbourne server.  Great for lower latency which means better performance, and more lite coin mining (and they have a very nice interface).
This team is called LTC Rabbit.  Worth a looksie if your mining from New Zealand/Australia.

If your interested in having a tinker here are some useful articles. =)

Well I hope this inspires some of your to take advantage of this new potential cryptocurrency.  If anyone goes crazy and makes a massive rig (or has something crazy in place already).  I would love to see, hear about it =)
Now I think about it, there must be a forum on this already in here.

PS3 & YLoD ftw

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 6-Jan-2011 17:35

So I have been out of touch for quite some time, for personal reasons.  Which for those of you who know, its working out all good for now =)

Anyhoo,  rocked on around to a mates place on New Years eve, after work.  Had a good catch up, exchanged xmas gifts etc, sat down to have a cold beer while shooting the ... you know what.

I look down below his TV, and notice his PS3 is a little different. 
Me: "Hey, did you get a new PS3 slim mate?'
Mate: 'Yep, sure did.  Got the new Move controllers as well"

Me: "Whats up with your old one?"
Mate: "Well, it won't turn on any longer, light just flashes etc.  Not under warranty, and figured may as well get a new one, and there was a good deal on anyway."

Me: "Hmm, do you know whats wrong with it?"
Mate: "Yea, apparently its a Yellow Light of Death, or YLoD"

Me: "Never heard of it, mind if I steel your old PS3, see if I can get it going?"
Mate: "If ya think ya can, sure.  There are some videos online that show you how to fix it, was bit over my head"

Me: "Sweet, if I get stuck will ask my mate for help, lol"
Mate: "It's all yours, if you get it going, I will lend you some games =)"


So I take this big old PS3 beauty home, my mate supplied me with a power cable only.  Realised when I got home its just a standard jug cord haha. 

OK, lets see if we can get into this beast.....  many minutes later,,  nope,..  Man they make these well.
I had to look up a video, which shows me the 'hidden' screw that needs to be undone, before you can slide the top off revealing all the other screws.
After this, its fairly straight forward, pulling the PS3 apart into pieces.

I clean crap loads of dust out.  I mean, seriously, I have NEVER seen this amount of dust build up in my life in anything!  But it all goes..  yippie.

Put it back together, nope, still not working.
Find these VERY handy step-by-step videos.  Showing you absolutely EVERYTHING.
Already figured out to get the mainboard out, so skip ahead to the Reflow part.

Borrow a heat gun from a mate, and blast away, my mate is interested so he helps with a laser temp gun, to make sure we dont FRY the mainboard. 

1 Hour later, put the PS3 back together, and low an behold.  The beep and error light flash has gone, and now its solid green.  OMG.  I can hardly believe it.

OK, this is something.  I now have to hunt around for a HDMI cable, get it plugged in, it now wants to reformat the HDD.  Oh no, well my mate had already figured hed lost his old save games anyway.  This was not supposed to happen however.  But thats no biggie. 

Go back to my mates place, and borrow his old controller.  He loans me a game to try out as well.  Final Fantasy.

I head back home, plug everything in, and try and use the PS3, stupid controller wont work.  Had to get a blimmin usb cable.  $10 later & a trip to the pc store.  OK, up and running, wow.
All the user accounts still there, system updates, check, everything running sweet as.

Wicked.  Got me a PS3!!!!!  Best xmas pressie so far.  And it only cost me $10.
Cost my mate a bit more, he had to buy 2.  But perhaps this wont work forever, but for now, im enjoying my $10 PS3 (with borrowed games and controller)

Thanks guys.

Here is a link to the tutorial if anyone else runs into this issue.
The guys name who made the videos, is Gilsky.  Dont buy any manual or ebook that claims to hold the secrets.  The info is FREE everyone!

Peace. and Happy New Year.

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Best Story.. err Trademe auction EVER!

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You just have to read the new epic stor.. Trademe auction!

Free WoW Gold & Leveling 1-40 Guides

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 5-Jun-2009 22:48

World of Warcraft is still dominating the world in MMORPG's, and I decided to help out any new comers to the game with an alternate FREE Leveling Guide for all races, on both Alliance & Horde from 1-40.

This guide is thanks to my work on and any attributing help I have received in putting this site together so far.

What do you get when you sign up for my Free WoW Leveling Guide?
1. Mini gold and strategy guide
2. Leveling with quests from 1-12 for which ever race you pick
3. 12-40 Leveling guide for which ever faction you require

This does work best with a in-game quest helper, using the information I send out as a guide to which quests to complete and in which order.
But it still does not compare to other dedicated leveling strategy guides available out there, but is a handy resource for people who do not want to spend any money.

I hope this guide comes in handy for anyone who chooses to use it.
You will find the guide at

Johnny @

Thailand Holiday - Part 2

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 25-May-2009 04:18

Last night in Thailand, Bangkok.  Moved back to our 1st hotel (we liked it more).

The last hotel had FREE WiFi, but only in the lobby, or you could use a coin operated pc in the lobby.  Of course we laped it up, checking bank details (how much more could we spend before going home) and getting my flat made back home to email me some clothing measurements I forgot to bring with me (phew).

So we checked our custom jewllery & tailored suits & dress, had to get 2 more fittings in to make sure everythiing was just right (some minor adjustments to the styles and the original guy stuffed up the number of shirts for me). 

Overall experience here, had a fantastic time.  My partner is over it, too hot, missing her pet dog & friends back home.
People are really friendly, or perhaps too friendly.  Always trying to sell you something.  But with masterful massage places all around, its just a matter of finding the cheapest or best looking.

Tuk Tuk drivers are constantly hasling you, but you get used to it, and haggle haggle haggle for EVERYTHING.  Picking up a new cell phone tomorrow (finally) nice wee 3g Nokia touch screen. Avg price over here between $620-750 NZD.   (will do a new review on that when I get home)

It is easy to cram so much in, in a little amount of time, but be warned, it is hot, and some things require lots of wallking (like a trek into the mountains, to stay a night with local mountain tribe people).

You are required to book everything via travel agents, so if you dont like the person helping you 1st time, go somewhere else, they are everywhere (just like the tuk tuk drivers).

Somehow we have managed to cram thousands of dollars of crap into our bags (clothes, toys etc) and still have room for more, so back to the markets tomorrow for a final bash before venturing home.

Back to the cold and weatherly states of Christchurch.

Acer Aspire One - While On Holiday

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 17-May-2009 20:44

Ahhhh, Thailand!
It is hot and people constantly harass you for Tuk Tuk, Taylor, Message.  They will literally try anything.
Good thing we can relax in our Hotel Resort.  Unfortunately this one does NOT have WiFi.  1 out of 3 so far.

So far I have figured that most Hotels, although have WiFi (but not everywhere) you usually have to pay.  If they do not service the room you are staying in, you should be able to use it in the lobby.  And thankx to a Thai law introduced in 2008, everyone must have a username and password to protect them against internet crime.


You can drop down to the local bar (Aussie Owned!) Which has FREE WiFi, just make sure you can get it working 1st, before comitting to drinks.  They don't mind.  Ahh the luxery continues.  Sipping on nice Cold Beer and Cocktails while using FREE INTERNET.

OK, so review time...  of the Acer Aspire One
After initially setting it up, and installing the Free 60 day trial of McAfee, the damn ting was VERY slow.  Always chacking everything you opened, and taking 3 times longer than you would hope.  Well, this just wouldnt do for my partner (who is very impatient) and so, after removing a few more key programs that were pre installed, the Acer Aspire was now much quicker. (maybe twice as fast).

Not as quick as a full blown laptop.
But still, not too bad.
Much more compact and easier to walk down 2 blocks to the free internet with drinks @ the bar

So far so good, and because it is your little computer, internet access feels a lot safer to do a few internet banking jobs while on the move. (if you can remeber the passwords)

So far so good, and im sure the hotel back in Bangkok will have WiFi at a cost.  But it is defiantly not as expensive as internetational phone calls frm your hotel room!

Expect the next update not from this bar in Phuket, but from the comfort of our room in Bangkok =)

Happy holidays continue.

WoW Mining Guide 1-450

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 8-Apr-2009 16:59

I have been playing World of Warcraft for over 2 years, and decided to give something back, even though there are plenty (and I mean plenty) of these guides, which are all free.  I wanted to join in the fun.

I have comprised a guide for mining areas, including information on mining nodes, expected returns, additional items, trainers, suggested areas & some tips along the way from original WoW to Burning Crusade, to WotLK.

It was also my 1st attempt at working in a Drupal site, which was kinda neat.  But I do not think I will repeat the process.

Here is a snippet of the 1st few mining suggested areas.

World Warcraft Guide - Mining Guide 1-450


Mining 1-65
Mining [Copper Ore]

You will need to mine approx 30 mining nodes (each node will offer more than 1 [Copper Ore], maybe upto 5)

Mine around 50 copper and then smelt them. We suggest the following areas, try and do quests here as well, otherwise just find copper as you go.

Handy Tip: Make sure to retrain after level 50, to become a Journeyman Miner. Max level for Apprentice is 75

Handy Tip: Stay close to Hills & Mountain Ranges to find more Ore deposits (nodes)

Horde Mining 1-65
Undead: Follow the Hills!

South -> Deathknell - The Undercity - The Bulwark
North -> Scarlet Monastery to the coast
West then South -> down to Agamand Mills - Deathknell

You should get around 30-40 [Copper Ore]

Tauren: Run around the circle of hills!

Start somewhere in Mulgore and work your way around the cliffs.
Don't forget to hit up the Venture Co mines.

You should get around 40-50 [Copper Ore]

Orc & Troll: Durotar is FULL of copper, but try this small route.

West -> From Razor Hill - Quilboar grounds - the river
North -> Orgrimmar
East -> farmstead
South -> drop into the canyon - exit
South East -> Razor Hill

You should get around 25-30 [Copper Ore] on this route

Alliance Mining 1-65
Human: from Goldshire

East -> Goldshire - Crystal Lake - Logging Camp
South -> follow river - Elwyn forest and Duskwood
North West -> Goldshire (make sure you visit the two mines on this route)

You should get around 30-40 copper ore

Night Elves: Darnassus HAS NO ORES! Go to Darkshore & do a figure of 8!

East -> Auberdine - cliffs
South -> entrance of Ashenvale
West -> coast
North -> Auberdine
East -> Auberdine - cliffs
North -> follow the cliffs - edge of map
South -> - coast - Auberdine

You should get around 40-50 copper ores

Dwarves and Gnomes: Holy cow
- Dun Morogh! Just wing it! Seriously, copper is EVERYWHERE!
You should easily get around 40-50 [Copper Ore] running around here.

SMELT! (this should get you to 60ish)


Check out the complete guide here.  World Warcraft Guide - Mining Guide 1-450

Thanks for reading...
Johnny Dominic @

My New Acer AspireOne

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 8-Apr-2009 16:49

Oooo, has been a while since I got myself a new tech toy.

So my partner and me are going to Thailand soon, and she really wanted something to take long for the ride.  Not sure why, I think shes obsessed with Facebook.  Shock, horror.

So, we decided to get a netbook, or equivilent.  So we tested a few models out at a few different stores, and finally decided to get the cheapest option available.  Which in this case was the Acer AspireOne.

So it arrived yesturday, and I uninstalled the office trial, and a bunch of google tools and other things which were seemingly useless to me.

Now with only windows, and wonderful resolution of 1024 x 600, it is very nice to look at.  Nice shiny blue casing, and even came with a sexy (not) plether wallet.

Additional bonuses, came preloaded with XP Home, and an extra 8GB SD card.  So now it has 16GB!  Whoa.  Space overload.

3 USB ports, and ANOTHER SD slot.  Very nice.  D-Sub out, web cam, and mic in hood (like every laptop these days), wireless and net port.

All very standard, so how does it fair?

I like it, i was skeptical at 1st, VERY skeptical.  But I would quite hapily trundle this little flip lid around with me, and grab access to any free wireless connection I can find.  And we can even store camera photos onto it.  So it should be pretty neat.
If we lose it, I also will not be too worried, it was not very expensive.  Cheaper than a decent cell phone. 

And if I don't lose it, I can always use it to stream movies to my LCD TV when we get home.

Battery life is quite excellent, around 2-3 hours of life.  And the indicator is fairly reliable at this stage.

The magic of Christmas

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 22-Dec-2008 10:50

And as the year draws to close,
we hear little bells ringing,
with childs laughter & merry cheers,
decorations and smiles all round.

I saw a shape up in the air,
zooming just above the roof tops,
and although it was not very clear,
im sure it was santa and his rein deer.

With a cry of exagerated joy,
I call out to the shape as it zipped on past,
and as if I was heard, and understood,
a small star light snow flake dwindled towards me,
glinting in the street lamp light until it reach my head.

Then something amazing happened,
I felt tingly all over,
and without pause or reasonable cause,
I was redressed from head to toe,
in a green & red outfit, with silver lining,
a hat and mittens, and funny shoes which curled up at the ends.

And for some reason, this felt normal to me,
entering this state of unusual magic,
I begin to dance, and skip and run,
and sing songs of merryment and joy.

For some reason I stop, and look around,
and back from where I came,
I notice that the ground had changed,
there was snow exactly where I ran,

Each pole I had touched on my way,
was now a shiny candy cane,
and all surfaces shiny and new,
decorated in the most beautiful christmas way.

I noticed now, that the songs I had sung,
lingered and carried on in the air,
as if many people were singing with me,
and loved this time of year.

Well this was a special event,
and I could hear other voices too,
joining in the singing tunes,
all dressed up and coming out,
to run, jump, skip and sing,
with me through the streets.

Soon we were many,
filling almost 3 streets across,
until we reached the centre of town,
and stop and laughed and cheered.

Right then, everyone saw,
the shape I saw before,
circle overhead and loop de loop,
before landing on the ground.

Everyone made way, and cheered again,
as Santa hopped off his sleigh,
he clicked his fingers and smiled a knowing smile,
and the town tree was lit up,
decorated and GREW bigger,
and presents appeared underneith.

Right then, the sky lit up,
and I think fairies did appear,
they sparkled oh so bright,
and flew almost everywhere.

We all sang with Santa, many songs of joy,
and enjoyed magical milk n cookies,
and we each received a toy.

No 2 toys were remotely the same,
and each was obviously hand made,
and for some reason I cannot explain,
everyone smiled and inwardly,
as our toys reminded us of our inner child.

So now Santa had to go,
and no one was at all sad,
as we had our fill of magic,
cheer, joy milk n cookies.

We waved goodbye, and cheered again,
and sang more songs and laughed,
and eventualy everyone began to clear,
until it was only me again.

I could still hear the bells you know,
ringing in the air,
knowing that Santa was going to the next town,
to spread the joy and cheer.

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Michael Marneros
New Zealand

What do I do?
I work for a Software Development company teaching people how to use our amazingly simple & yet complex software.  I also test the software for bugs, and help come up with ideas for improving our software for our customers.

What do I do when i'm not working?
Usually at home enjoying my wife's company or enjoying time with friends, & playing games or watching tv/movies. I love most kinds of movies.

I love computer games and music. I have taught myself Piano, and created my own style and sorta tinker from there. Compose my own music & currently working on some Electronica projects. You can download and listen to some of my works for free from here.  Or check out my soundcloud here.

Yes, they are terrible inventions, sent to make peoples lives supposedly easier. So far I get enjoyment out of the ease of communication (I hate hand writing letters) & how close it has made the world. Constantly called upon by friends to help with somewhat simple tasks (removing viruses, installing applications, hiding the material they want hidden from their partners).

Web design & Hosting:
I dabble in web design, getting the occasional contract via friends or through word of mouth.  Here are some of my projects. 

Trott's Garden - Internationally recognised garden design, Alan & Catherine Trott are my first customers

Container Waste - Recent project presented to me by their graphic designer

The Cheshire Cats Grin - My wife was diagnosed with cancer & she REALLY needed an outlet.  So I setup this wordpress blog to express herself.  We also decided to trial those Penguin Cold Caps to help prevent her from losing hair during the Chemo.

Darjon Vineyard - A venue for weddings or events.