First Blog - Try this Linux Thing

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 13-Dec-2007 14:44

Okay, so not much of a computer expert, been using MS products for ever (since DOS days) and help a few people out and currently working on a help desk supporting custom made software. And with the xmas period plunged upon us, I have decided to have a bit of a play. Having loads of spare time and all.

So downloaded a copy of Linux (which used to make me wonder why anyone would use it), and installed it onto my MS Virtual machine, which i was not sure would work. But surprisingly, it happily installed (and ran out of space because I under estimated how much a complete Linux isntall would use.

So now im writting this blog on Linux Suse Gnome. Firefox come pre-installed, whcih can only be a good thing. And there is a music player, and pircture viewer. Most pleased with the almost windows style. Quickly found the desktop configuration and downloaded a few Themes & replaced the background image.

SO where do I go from here? I would not have a clue. Should I move this system onto my actual computer and use it?
Not yet, happy using it inbetween my windows tasks. Besides my technitian would probably kill me when he tried to update outlook or access and found Linux was installed on my machine.

It all looks good enough, kinda flashy ( almost like Vista) and I can see there are many different GUI inteface options, which makes the computer to be customised far more in depth than windows default options allow. Easier to mind you. =)

Maybe I should let the members of Geekzone vote on my behalf, install this nifty Linux OS onto my machine at home for a month and see how well I adjust. Or steer clear?

Have your say in my fate, im all ears =)

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Comment by mobygeek, on 13-Dec-2007 20:27

I love the trippy screen savers on hubby's computer courtesy of Linux.  He only uses Windows when he allows me on - as a guest.  I could watch the screen saver for ages, frequently sneaking into his office when he's in the shower!  Psychedelic, man!  (What did cheech and chong say?  Far out, Solid and right on!)(Man)

Comment by Edward, on 13-Dec-2007 21:11

Absolutely, you should give it a try. I gave up Windows several years ago, and I don't miss it. Switching from my Windows-only applications gave me some trouble, but once I had that done it was smooth sailing.

Comment by Owain, on 14-Dec-2007 03:03

When you do intsall it natively Just turn on the 3d effects and then press ctrl-alt-(an-arrow) and then you will have some fun. Add some wobbly windows etc etc etc.

Comment by Fireashes, on 14-Dec-2007 07:16

try ubuntu 7.10 gusty gibbon. Its great... There is a learning curve though...

Have you tried beryl or compiz on it... its awsome.

Comment by wongtop, on 14-Dec-2007 10:23

I run linux at home (Xubuntu 6.06), mainly because Win98 didn't do everything we wanted it to do anymore, and it was painful to use with all the antivirus/antispyware/firewall software on it (only a P3 with 128 MB).

Before you ditch windows completely, I would advise running a dual boot setup.  I finally deleted our windows partition when we hadn't used it for about 6 months and we started to run out of space on our massive 14 GB drive.

Author's note by kinsten, on 14-Dec-2007 11:01

Yes, I will actually be creating an image of my hdd setup (current 4x partiions, winxp & vista on two) then going to destroy my winxp partition which I do not really use anymore (bye bye reason) and see how I go.  Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.  Then hopefully in worst case scenario I should still have my Vista install for emergencies.

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