Linux @ Home - battle of the video cards

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 21-Dec-2007 09:25

Well, after getting a new HDD and installing Suse 10.3 Gnome, I thought I was finally getting somewhere.  And then came along the ATI graphics drivers for my Radeon x1950 Pro.  I found a guide and thought, hmm easy enough.  4 days later (with no previous linux experience) I finally got it going.  Ohh and I really wanted the double desktop (dual monitors)

Yay!  Ok so far so good, now lets activate the flash desktop options.  Hmm, cannot shut down.  OK, not too happy, reboot the PC.  Okay, now Gnome is stuffed (again, had similar problem after playing with screen resolutions)

I am thinking my battle with Suse 10.3 Gnome is turning into an impossible battle.  Although I have a MUCH better idea what to do if I start from scratch (which is what will most likely happen).

Maybe I should just go buy an iBook *lol* for something different.

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Comment by scott klarr, on 21-Dec-2007 11:03

My ATI video card doesn't get along well with my linux either. I had to unfortunately give up my dual monitors temporarily since they run at different resolutions because i just could not get my linux to work right with the separate resolutions. My next move is to first upgrade my secondary monitor to match my primary, and then change over to nvidia (which i have always liked better than ATI anyways) as i have heard nvidia has much better linux drivers.

Author's note by kinsten, on 21-Dec-2007 11:15

Yes, most unfortunate, my work mate (who uses linux himself) told me to replace my video card also with nvidia.  He also said, i would have to either settle for dual monitors or 3d graphics, but not both.
Such a shame, as I really wanted to try out the cool desktop GUI that I have been told about. 

Comment by scott klarr, on 21-Dec-2007 15:14

If your referring to 3d graphics as far as the 3d desktop cube (compiz fusion), I'm almost 100% positive that it supports dual monitors as i saw some settings in its control panel to modify the behavior for multiple monitors. IF your talking about 3d gaming, I don't know about linux, but when i used windows with dual monitors, i had no problems running 3d games; it only uses the primary monitor, though. However i have heard of some games like flight simulators that actually utilize multiple monitors with 3d graphics.

Author's note by kinsten, on 21-Dec-2007 16:12

Yea, my Vista install uses 3D games on primary monitor no worries.

But yes, Ii was looking forward to seeing the 3D desktop Cube feature on dual monitor setup.  So far, it has been more trouble than its worth. But I have had a pleasant experience with the Banshee music player, with a lovely dNb radio station.

I also keep having trouble with my network settings going completley awkward and then I spend another 10mins getting that going again.  Usually able to connect to router no problem, but getting past the router is a mission once it has decided to stop working.

Raced home during my lunch break and started a new install, will be ready for me to apply the settings (in the correct order) and see if I can get this system off the ground the way I want it.

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