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By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 22-Dec-2007 11:06

Yes, computers.  Well mine in particular.  Just wants to cause me no end of trouble, replaced the Motherboard, HDD & CPU and i'm still experiencing problems.

Seems to just freeze (when ever it wants to).  Currently testing the RAM and Memory, but perhaps its the PSU or GPU thats the problem.

Just wish there was something more consistent I could test it with.  It is totally random lock ups however and took me 5 days to get it to fall over with the replacement mobo.

Vista Business seems to run the most stable on the Raid-0 hdd's.  But that was crashing last night.  After replacing the CPU it ran all night, had movies, games, music and internet browsing going simulataneously and I still couldn't get it to fault after changing the CPU.  Then today it crashed again!

Linux acts very odd, loses its network connections (without touching the settings) and then eventually the system falls over and locks up.

Just about ready to drop kick it out the window & get an old fashioned type writter.  Post letters to all my online friends telling them I am moving to New England and becomming Armish.

Can you post letters to email addresses?

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Author's note by kinsten, on 22-Dec-2007 12:02

Love that last link Tony.  Simply brill.  Cannot fathom a more ingenious (or insane) way to send mail.  =)

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Yes, they are terrible inventions, sent to make peoples lives supposedly easier. So far I get enjoyment out of the ease of communication (I hate hand writing letters) & how close it has made the world. Constantly called upon by friends to help with somewhat simple tasks (removing viruses, installing applications, hiding the material they want hidden from their partners).

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