What makes life? (Kinstens Interpretation)

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 22-Jul-2008 23:09

Is it a rose that opens in the morning light?
A new leaf upon each twig, that grew from humble beginnings?

 The branch that broke will turn into the scar for life.The scar of emotion runs deep within us all, this injures everyone slowly but surely.  Until the only way out of your own emotion turns to destruction.  Destruction turns to chaos.  Chaos turns to the way the world is operating at present with only a small amount of reason and intelligent thought.

 Don’t believe everything that you see,
Because seeing isn’t believing,
Feeling is.

If I was to die today,
Would I be remembered tomorrow?

Would life go on without me?
Or does someone else’s existence end with mine?

If truth is letting people know the details of something real,
Does that mean reality is a truth only known to you?
Or is truth and reality far more complicated than that?
You could believe anything that someone tells you,
Or decide to think they are lying.
Either way your own decision is what you choose to believe.
Which in turn makes reality your own creation of thoughts comprised of facts given by not only yourself, but other people as well.  How these facts are interpreted depends on the translator.  You!  

 If something is too difficult, would you try your best to solve it, or simply give in and let someone else figure it out.

 Thought, emotion, truth, justice, wisdom, creation, intellect, visualisation, hands on experience.
Does everything come down to what the individual is capable of, or rather what the individual is willing to accomplish. 

 You have to experience happiness to know sadness.  You have to experience love to know hate.  If there is one thing that lives alone in this world, without needing to relate to another.  Show me this thing, for it will be a beautiful thing indeed.

 To fly is to fall,
To swim is to run,
To walk is to crawl,
To speak is to be silent,
To create is to imitate,
To build is to destroy,
To make peace is to make war! 

 Everything exists for a reason, and there is always balance.  When there is too much of one thing there has to be an equal amount of the other to compensate for the balance lost with the first.

Begin your day with birds in mind,
Never let the dawn show its face,
You will crawl upon any road given to you,
And you will find the path that suits you.

 Am I going insane or is it just a figment of my imagination.  If I was going insane, would I be trying to figure it out, or would I just ignore it and let things happen as they do.  Because when thoughts take over my life, I feel responsible for all the thoughts that are approaching my life.
Never get too involved.
Never hold a grudge.
Never begin something if you do not intend to finish it.

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Comment by linda george, on 23-Jul-2008 11:07

Is that last paragraph rhetorical? How do thoughts approach your life if they are only thoughts? Or are they spoken? If so you are not responsible for those ones approaching.

I often tell my thoughts to get back under control, rejecting the ones that want to hurt me.

Now that you've started, how are you going to finish?

Author's note by kinsten, on 23-Jul-2008 11:58

Yes I would say the last paragraph is rhetorical.  Thoughts are thoughts, and without them, are we who were meant to be?  Everyone thinks, sometimes positive, and sometimes negative.
Basically saying that, when strings of negative thoughts pass through your mind, you may feel like your going insane.  But to question that, most likely means you are not.  As most people who are insane, do not think they are.

Everything has to end, its just a matter of working towards your goal, some are acheivable quickly while others require more time to appropriate.  But everything needs to be thought through.

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