Samsung HD103UJ 1TB HDD - FAIL!

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 14-Oct-2008 18:21

OK, I wrote a really big blog here, and then when hunting for the page which fixed my problem I accidentally loaded over my blog page *smacks forehead with brick* Soooooooo..  Here is abbreviated version.

Got new 1TB HDD Samsung HD103UJ infact *surprise surprise*

Copied loads of crap onto it, was happy and removed old HDD's

After restarting, only 32MB was available,  Yes 32MB!!!

OK, after much contemplation & other techniques to try and get my data back (yes I deleted my old stuff, silly me)  I finally found this website which had all the answers!

I used the tool called HDD Capacity Restore Tool which actually DID solve all my problems.
Although im certain the drive themselves are hugely at fault after reading many a review from here.

Tuck this little beauty away for that rainy day when you experience what I have and what the author Dmitri categorises as Magic Involved HDD issues.

Yeap, shoulda gone with that Western Digital drive instead.  DOH!

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Comment by mark, on 15-Oct-2008 18:36

mine was fine, popped it in, formatted, started copying... :3 had it for a few months now i want one of those 1.5tb ones

Author's note by kinsten, on 16-Oct-2008 09:01

Yea, after some consideration I have decided to keep it.  Seeing as I have got it working again.  And I like the bigger cache idea.

Comment by Dan Tidswell, on 20-May-2009 22:41

Hey man thanks for the head's up. I found your post on Google and it lead me to the same solution with my 1TB Samsung drive.

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