The magic of Christmas

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 22-Dec-2008 10:50

And as the year draws to close,
we hear little bells ringing,
with childs laughter & merry cheers,
decorations and smiles all round.

I saw a shape up in the air,
zooming just above the roof tops,
and although it was not very clear,
im sure it was santa and his rein deer.

With a cry of exagerated joy,
I call out to the shape as it zipped on past,
and as if I was heard, and understood,
a small star light snow flake dwindled towards me,
glinting in the street lamp light until it reach my head.

Then something amazing happened,
I felt tingly all over,
and without pause or reasonable cause,
I was redressed from head to toe,
in a green & red outfit, with silver lining,
a hat and mittens, and funny shoes which curled up at the ends.

And for some reason, this felt normal to me,
entering this state of unusual magic,
I begin to dance, and skip and run,
and sing songs of merryment and joy.

For some reason I stop, and look around,
and back from where I came,
I notice that the ground had changed,
there was snow exactly where I ran,

Each pole I had touched on my way,
was now a shiny candy cane,
and all surfaces shiny and new,
decorated in the most beautiful christmas way.

I noticed now, that the songs I had sung,
lingered and carried on in the air,
as if many people were singing with me,
and loved this time of year.

Well this was a special event,
and I could hear other voices too,
joining in the singing tunes,
all dressed up and coming out,
to run, jump, skip and sing,
with me through the streets.

Soon we were many,
filling almost 3 streets across,
until we reached the centre of town,
and stop and laughed and cheered.

Right then, everyone saw,
the shape I saw before,
circle overhead and loop de loop,
before landing on the ground.

Everyone made way, and cheered again,
as Santa hopped off his sleigh,
he clicked his fingers and smiled a knowing smile,
and the town tree was lit up,
decorated and GREW bigger,
and presents appeared underneith.

Right then, the sky lit up,
and I think fairies did appear,
they sparkled oh so bright,
and flew almost everywhere.

We all sang with Santa, many songs of joy,
and enjoyed magical milk n cookies,
and we each received a toy.

No 2 toys were remotely the same,
and each was obviously hand made,
and for some reason I cannot explain,
everyone smiled and inwardly,
as our toys reminded us of our inner child.

So now Santa had to go,
and no one was at all sad,
as we had our fill of magic,
cheer, joy milk n cookies.

We waved goodbye, and cheered again,
and sang more songs and laughed,
and eventualy everyone began to clear,
until it was only me again.

I could still hear the bells you know,
ringing in the air,
knowing that Santa was going to the next town,
to spread the joy and cheer.

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Michael Marneros
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Yes, they are terrible inventions, sent to make peoples lives supposedly easier. So far I get enjoyment out of the ease of communication (I hate hand writing letters) & how close it has made the world. Constantly called upon by friends to help with somewhat simple tasks (removing viruses, installing applications, hiding the material they want hidden from their partners).

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