My New Acer AspireOne

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 8-Apr-2009 16:49

Oooo, has been a while since I got myself a new tech toy.

So my partner and me are going to Thailand soon, and she really wanted something to take long for the ride.  Not sure why, I think shes obsessed with Facebook.  Shock, horror.

So, we decided to get a netbook, or equivilent.  So we tested a few models out at a few different stores, and finally decided to get the cheapest option available.  Which in this case was the Acer AspireOne.

So it arrived yesturday, and I uninstalled the office trial, and a bunch of google tools and other things which were seemingly useless to me.

Now with only windows, and wonderful resolution of 1024 x 600, it is very nice to look at.  Nice shiny blue casing, and even came with a sexy (not) plether wallet.

Additional bonuses, came preloaded with XP Home, and an extra 8GB SD card.  So now it has 16GB!  Whoa.  Space overload.

3 USB ports, and ANOTHER SD slot.  Very nice.  D-Sub out, web cam, and mic in hood (like every laptop these days), wireless and net port.

All very standard, so how does it fair?

I like it, i was skeptical at 1st, VERY skeptical.  But I would quite hapily trundle this little flip lid around with me, and grab access to any free wireless connection I can find.  And we can even store camera photos onto it.  So it should be pretty neat.
If we lose it, I also will not be too worried, it was not very expensive.  Cheaper than a decent cell phone. 

And if I don't lose it, I can always use it to stream movies to my LCD TV when we get home.

Battery life is quite excellent, around 2-3 hours of life.  And the indicator is fairly reliable at this stage.

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Comment by chiefie, on 8-Apr-2009 17:21

Acer AspireOne 9" or 10"?

Author's note by kinsten, on 8-Apr-2009 17:22

9", wanted it to be as small as possible.  and it was also the cheaper option =P

Comment by AmooMan, on 8-Apr-2009 17:50

Hi there.. My wife are I are also going over to Thailand.. in August ..
I would be keen to get some feed back from you.. being your a fellow Geekzoner :)

Im thinkn about buying some Tech over there.. if u find any good place can you let me know..

also.. if you go to anywhere outside the normal places people go and like it.. can you give me some details :)

Big thanks :)

Cant wait 4 our holiday :)

Comment by hairy1, on 8-Apr-2009 19:05

I have had the 120 GB version since August last year (same except for the hard drive) and the drive is almost full. The portability is fantastic. Battery life seems to be just over 2 hours for me. I am never too far from a power plug. It spends a lot of it's time being an unobtrusive coffee table internet access device. I would recommend the hard drive version if you can spring for it as I have all my music plus a few movies on it. Overall a great machine for the price.
Cheers, Matt.

Author's note by kinsten, on 8-Apr-2009 19:27

@ AmooMan

Yep, we are basically going to wing it.  And yes, I am going to keep an eye out for techy stuff =)  need a new cell phone.  And maybe a suit lol.. 

Will definatly make a post when I get back.  =)  We will be back in early June.

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