Acer Aspire One - While On Holiday

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 17-May-2009 20:44

Ahhhh, Thailand!
It is hot and people constantly harass you for Tuk Tuk, Taylor, Message.  They will literally try anything.
Good thing we can relax in our Hotel Resort.  Unfortunately this one does NOT have WiFi.  1 out of 3 so far.

So far I have figured that most Hotels, although have WiFi (but not everywhere) you usually have to pay.  If they do not service the room you are staying in, you should be able to use it in the lobby.  And thankx to a Thai law introduced in 2008, everyone must have a username and password to protect them against internet crime.


You can drop down to the local bar (Aussie Owned!) Which has FREE WiFi, just make sure you can get it working 1st, before comitting to drinks.  They don't mind.  Ahh the luxery continues.  Sipping on nice Cold Beer and Cocktails while using FREE INTERNET.

OK, so review time...  of the Acer Aspire One
After initially setting it up, and installing the Free 60 day trial of McAfee, the damn ting was VERY slow.  Always chacking everything you opened, and taking 3 times longer than you would hope.  Well, this just wouldnt do for my partner (who is very impatient) and so, after removing a few more key programs that were pre installed, the Acer Aspire was now much quicker. (maybe twice as fast).

Not as quick as a full blown laptop.
But still, not too bad.
Much more compact and easier to walk down 2 blocks to the free internet with drinks @ the bar

So far so good, and because it is your little computer, internet access feels a lot safer to do a few internet banking jobs while on the move. (if you can remeber the passwords)

So far so good, and im sure the hotel back in Bangkok will have WiFi at a cost.  But it is defiantly not as expensive as internetational phone calls frm your hotel room!

Expect the next update not from this bar in Phuket, but from the comfort of our room in Bangkok =)

Happy holidays continue.

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Comment by AmooMan, on 17-May-2009 23:37

Look forward to your next update..
My wife and I are going for our honeymoon in late august in bangkok/Phuket.. Will be looking at buying a laptop over there to use wifi :) any feeback is great

Comment by Mike, on 18-May-2009 05:15

No wonder it is slow with McAfee on it! Give it a new lease of life, remove it and install AVG free edition, it will be much more pleasent to use. Have fun :) M

Comment by Grant Thoms, on 18-May-2009 10:03

My wife and I went to Thailand for our honeymoon.. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Koh Samui. Was excellent (apart from Koh Samui which was far too expensive and is now more like it's counterpart of Phuket). A phrase to use.. 'Pang Mai!' which means 'Too Expensive'.. very handy at the markets. :)

Author's note by kinsten, on 27-May-2009 13:50

@ AmooMan
All the technology prices are about the same as normal retail prices back here.  You can haggle somewhat, but within reason.  Nothing is dirt cheap, unless you find a stall or back corrador shop that sells only blackmarket goods.  That would be the cheapest way to buy these products.

Otherwise there is an IT Mall in Bangkok that has EVERYTHING!  And lots of it, but once again, laptops and netbooks are about the same price as back here.  In some cases, things are a little more expensive..  So grab some prices from home 1st, then see if you can haggle them cheaper. 

Make sure to grab a power plug adapter.  We grabbed about 8, they were about $2.50 each, and it worked with our stuff there, and their stuff here.  Really nifty.  Will try and get a photo of one on here.

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