Thailand Holiday - Part 2

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 25-May-2009 04:18

Last night in Thailand, Bangkok.  Moved back to our 1st hotel (we liked it more).

The last hotel had FREE WiFi, but only in the lobby, or you could use a coin operated pc in the lobby.  Of course we laped it up, checking bank details (how much more could we spend before going home) and getting my flat made back home to email me some clothing measurements I forgot to bring with me (phew).

So we checked our custom jewllery & tailored suits & dress, had to get 2 more fittings in to make sure everythiing was just right (some minor adjustments to the styles and the original guy stuffed up the number of shirts for me). 

Overall experience here, had a fantastic time.  My partner is over it, too hot, missing her pet dog & friends back home.
People are really friendly, or perhaps too friendly.  Always trying to sell you something.  But with masterful massage places all around, its just a matter of finding the cheapest or best looking.

Tuk Tuk drivers are constantly hasling you, but you get used to it, and haggle haggle haggle for EVERYTHING.  Picking up a new cell phone tomorrow (finally) nice wee 3g Nokia touch screen. Avg price over here between $620-750 NZD.   (will do a new review on that when I get home)

It is easy to cram so much in, in a little amount of time, but be warned, it is hot, and some things require lots of wallking (like a trek into the mountains, to stay a night with local mountain tribe people).

You are required to book everything via travel agents, so if you dont like the person helping you 1st time, go somewhere else, they are everywhere (just like the tuk tuk drivers).

Somehow we have managed to cram thousands of dollars of crap into our bags (clothes, toys etc) and still have room for more, so back to the markets tomorrow for a final bash before venturing home.

Back to the cold and weatherly states of Christchurch.

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Comment by Dratsab, on 25-May-2009 19:52

Sounds like you went to the Tiger Bar in Phuket and spent some time in Chiang Mai...

Thailand's an awesome place - so much to see and do!!

Are you going to blog about your holiday experiences in more detail?

Author's note by kinsten, on 27-May-2009 13:46

@ Dratsab - Naa, did a day tour to the Floating Market, then a snake farm then the Tiger Temple.  Cannot remeber exactly where, but we left from Bangkok.  I spent most of the trip sleeping in the transport lol, cos it was about 1 hour drives between places.

I can do a detailed blog of our trip if anyone is interested.

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