Free WoW Gold & Leveling 1-40 Guides

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 5-Jun-2009 22:48

World of Warcraft is still dominating the world in MMORPG's, and I decided to help out any new comers to the game with an alternate FREE Leveling Guide for all races, on both Alliance & Horde from 1-40.

This guide is thanks to my work on and any attributing help I have received in putting this site together so far.

What do you get when you sign up for my Free WoW Leveling Guide?
1. Mini gold and strategy guide
2. Leveling with quests from 1-12 for which ever race you pick
3. 12-40 Leveling guide for which ever faction you require

This does work best with a in-game quest helper, using the information I send out as a guide to which quests to complete and in which order.
But it still does not compare to other dedicated leveling strategy guides available out there, but is a handy resource for people who do not want to spend any money.

I hope this guide comes in handy for anyone who chooses to use it.
You will find the guide at

Johnny @

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Comment by NickiB, on 6-Jun-2009 17:48

Awesome, I'm signed up, I like the tip about what quest rewards to pick when none of them are any use personally, I'm not big on details, I just like running around doing quests and stuff, so it's nice to have a good general rule on that :-)
One question though, can you sign up for more than one race? I was planning on getting dwarf/gnome, night elf and human, but I don't seem to be allowed to get all three :( Although I'm guessing they're all the same from level 12?

Comment by chiefie, on 7-Jun-2009 16:09

I so love to be back on WoW... but I don't want to play on my PC... a capable notebook be ideal.

Have had my eyes on HP's DV2... otherwise DV4, or Apple MacBook White 2.13. I'm planning something rewarding for myself end of this year, so saving monies up for a big good buy.

Author's note by kinsten, on 8-Jun-2009 08:09

@ NickiB
Didn't realise you could not sign up for all of the newsletters, yea, basically the 1-12 section is different for each race starting area, Draenei get an extra 12-20 leveling area on Part 2/5 as well.

I Will have to rethink the newsletter strategy now, thanks for pointing that out for me =)

@ Chiefie
Yea WoW on a notebook would be cool, you need to get decent grapahics card however.  I would also look into requirements for the new MMORPG Star Wars game (that has not come out yet).

Comment by chiefie, on 8-Jun-2009 10:31


From your experience, what would be a good all-round WoW notebook. I certainly doesn't want to lug a heavy beast and I'm not really a speed-demon if gaming on notebook... I think MacBook nvidia 9400m should be good enough, and of course nvidia 9600m on MacBook Pro be more ideal, but it is bigger/heavier too.

Star Wars one would be interesting too... And I do like to dwelve into EVE online again if I can game easily and not felt tied to a desk all the time.

Comment by NickiB, on 8-Jun-2009 18:23

You know what I think the problem might actually be is that the buttons are broken. When I try dwarf/gnome again I get a message that I've signed up, but when I click human and night elf I don't get any action at all. I clicked some more submit buttons and some of them do nothing and others take me to an error page saying I need to enter details (I pressed submit on blank details). Hope that helps.

Author's note by kinsten, on 9-Jun-2009 10:34

@ NickiB
OK, I tested a few of the form submissions, but yes, it appears you can only belong to 1 newsletter list for the 1 account.  

I will re-shuffle the info tonight, putting the 1-12 leveling guides on the website instead.

Are you receiving any of the daily leveling guide newsletters?

Author's note by kinsten, on 11-Jun-2009 08:34

UPDATE:  The conversion is taking slightly longer than expected, so new plan is to get the leveling system up and running again before the weekend.

You should like this as it allows everyone to use the 1-12 guides for each race straight away!

Author's note by kinsten, on 13-Jun-2009 16:37

All finished, updated the newletter, and added all the 1-12 leveling guides for all the races onto their own pages.

Then just sign up for the newsletter, and receive the rest of the leveling guide via email.

Enjoy everyone, sorry about the teething problems.  And thanks for you support and comments. =)

Comment by Kaos36, on 24-Aug-2010 21:51

I find now all i do is quest to lvl 10 then go do battlegrounds pvp till I hit 70 then quest till 80.  While inbetween stopping for the odd dungeon every couple of lvls. This I found is the quickest way for me to lvl. Since blizzard brought out XP in BG's i been lvling toons likes theres no tomorrow. 

Your guide is a good help for new players and those who hate battlegrounds.

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