PS3 & YLoD ftw

By Michael Marneros, in , posted: 6-Jan-2011 17:35

So I have been out of touch for quite some time, for personal reasons.  Which for those of you who know, its working out all good for now =)

Anyhoo,  rocked on around to a mates place on New Years eve, after work.  Had a good catch up, exchanged xmas gifts etc, sat down to have a cold beer while shooting the ... you know what.

I look down below his TV, and notice his PS3 is a little different. 
Me: "Hey, did you get a new PS3 slim mate?'
Mate: 'Yep, sure did.  Got the new Move controllers as well"

Me: "Whats up with your old one?"
Mate: "Well, it won't turn on any longer, light just flashes etc.  Not under warranty, and figured may as well get a new one, and there was a good deal on anyway."

Me: "Hmm, do you know whats wrong with it?"
Mate: "Yea, apparently its a Yellow Light of Death, or YLoD"

Me: "Never heard of it, mind if I steel your old PS3, see if I can get it going?"
Mate: "If ya think ya can, sure.  There are some videos online that show you how to fix it, was bit over my head"

Me: "Sweet, if I get stuck will ask my mate for help, lol"
Mate: "It's all yours, if you get it going, I will lend you some games =)"


So I take this big old PS3 beauty home, my mate supplied me with a power cable only.  Realised when I got home its just a standard jug cord haha. 

OK, lets see if we can get into this beast.....  many minutes later,,  nope,..  Man they make these well.
I had to look up a video, which shows me the 'hidden' screw that needs to be undone, before you can slide the top off revealing all the other screws.
After this, its fairly straight forward, pulling the PS3 apart into pieces.

I clean crap loads of dust out.  I mean, seriously, I have NEVER seen this amount of dust build up in my life in anything!  But it all goes..  yippie.

Put it back together, nope, still not working.
Find these VERY handy step-by-step videos.  Showing you absolutely EVERYTHING.
Already figured out to get the mainboard out, so skip ahead to the Reflow part.

Borrow a heat gun from a mate, and blast away, my mate is interested so he helps with a laser temp gun, to make sure we dont FRY the mainboard. 

1 Hour later, put the PS3 back together, and low an behold.  The beep and error light flash has gone, and now its solid green.  OMG.  I can hardly believe it.

OK, this is something.  I now have to hunt around for a HDMI cable, get it plugged in, it now wants to reformat the HDD.  Oh no, well my mate had already figured hed lost his old save games anyway.  This was not supposed to happen however.  But thats no biggie. 

Go back to my mates place, and borrow his old controller.  He loans me a game to try out as well.  Final Fantasy.

I head back home, plug everything in, and try and use the PS3, stupid controller wont work.  Had to get a blimmin usb cable.  $10 later & a trip to the pc store.  OK, up and running, wow.
All the user accounts still there, system updates, check, everything running sweet as.

Wicked.  Got me a PS3!!!!!  Best xmas pressie so far.  And it only cost me $10.
Cost my mate a bit more, he had to buy 2.  But perhaps this wont work forever, but for now, im enjoying my $10 PS3 (with borrowed games and controller)

Thanks guys.

Here is a link to the tutorial if anyone else runs into this issue.
The guys name who made the videos, is Gilsky.  Dont buy any manual or ebook that claims to hold the secrets.  The info is FREE everyone!

Peace. and Happy New Year.

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Comment by thorax, on 9-Jan-2011 01:44

Im quite skeptical about BGA reflows with a heat gun, after spending a year or so buying RROD xboxes off TradeMe, repairing them and seing each of them die of the same problem 5-6months later.  I nearly bought an dark irda machine of ebay to do proper reballing and re-mounting, Im glad I didnt cos, apparently you need a $60,000 machine to do the fix right, and then inspect it under xray for cracks in the solder.

Anyway hope yours has a prospers life.

Author's note by kinsten, on 10-Jan-2011 08:17

Yes, not sure how long its going to live.  I see people selling their PS3's on trademe, which require a reflow, for over $100.  Which I think is a bit of a rip-off (I am a tight ass though).

However, for the time being, its like a rental machine, which I don't have to give back until it does lol.  Started playing Final Fantasy XIII again yesterday.  Was a bit anoying at the start, but now you can do more tactical stuff, and the battles are more challenging, its actually becoming quite fun.

Comment by hairy1, on 10-Jan-2011 19:27

My brother-in-law reflowed his as per the youtube videos and all back up and running. Exactly the same story as yours.

His kids were stoked when it worked.

Comment by Richard, on 14-Jan-2011 14:32

I tried this with my coveted 60GB PS3 when it suffered a YLOD and wasn't able to get it working again. Sad, but it hadn't cost me a whole lot and I got a few months of good playtime (at least my son did) before it died.

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