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To concept or not to concept......

, posted: 14-Aug-2008 10:40

This article on Counter Notions is a facinating read on why Apple doesn't do concept products and just makes, um, real ones.

Why show off products that you can't/won't make other than to try and make you competitors think you've got the next big thing, right round the corner. Of course the corner never comes. It's just the same thing as last year, with a slightly better camera on it, or slightly faster CPU......

Knowledge Navigator

Interestingly the last concept product Apple demo'd in 1987 (pre Jobs) was the awesome Knowledge Navigator. It has it all, although the AI is pretty smart, it isn't smart enough to loose the dickiebow. 20 years later, this technology still isn't available, although bits and pieces are there on various things, overall it's just a designers wet dream.

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