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Vodamoan - Fault Relodged - UPDATED

, posted: 17-Jul-2010 18:40

Some of you may have seen the post on my experiences switching from Orcon to Vodafone.

Vodamoan - Over It.A brief summary - A couple of months ago I switched from Orcon to Vodafone to save money. It should have been a simple process, yet Vodafone managed to screw up almost every part. First was a week with no ADSL, then it went from working, then slow, then not at all. A quick blog post later and find myself 'escalated' and receiving daily telephone updates. I did feel there was finally a person genuinely making sure things were being actioned. These calls were always pleasant and generally ending with a big apology from the other end.
Of course I still had to wait over 4 weeks to finally have my line setup as I originally signed up for - or so I thought.

Last week, my mother started claiming that she tried to call me at home but could get through - I just accused her of being crazy and proved her wrong by calling the line via my mobile while I skyped her - no problem.

Now fast forward  to last week, I get a call from my flatmate -
"Is there any reason the home phone would be disconnected?" he asked.
Nope. Bill was good. Conveniently I was at my parents at the time so I tried the line. Weird tones.
We did indeed have no incoming line as my mother thought but also no outgoing either. Super.
By the time I got back our ADSL connection started constantly going up and down. Sometimes it would stay up for hours but more often it would just reconnected every 15mins or so.

A quick call to Vodafone Monday morning and thanks to it being a fault in the landline along with the ADSL, I wasn't forced to jump through the usual morons check list.
Fault Lodged.
Chorus would be in touch within 24hrs - and Indeed they were.
By 4pm Chorus had been in touch, the man asked a few questions and then said he'd call me right back, which he did.
"It seems theres no problem with your line. The problem is caused by something wrong at Vodafones end. Although calls from their network will go through, people calling from Telecoms network can't connect properly. Your line has some porting issues."

I have now leant that from the day Vodafone started supplying my phone services chances are no one with a Telecom based service, and I suspect any provider using their wholesale network, have never been able to call my land line.

It makes it all the more annoying that when Chorus were proactive and called me back, Vodafone couldn't muster up a similar level of customer service. The Chorus person worked on it on the Monday - yet by Friday I still hadn't heard anything back from Vodafone.
This was last night - as usual they stuck me on hold for 5 minutes and came back claiming they would need to re-lodge the fault again.
"Why?" I ask "It hasn't been fixed the first time."
For some reason my last fault, although and being actioned, went nowhere.

This whole process makes me wonder once again if there is some big issues with the processes inside Vodafone. I understand they are a big corporation and you will always get anomalies and get weird customer setups but I've found that almost every step of this switch looks to have been done incorrectly or done in a half arsed or short-cut way.

I find it quite impressive that a telecommunications company don't use it's own services and actively call someone back. It's quite infuriating to have the Chorus guy call me back and then pass it to Vodafone to fix but then never have them call me. Why is there not a process to instigate a callback to tell the client what's going on? It doesn't have to be the specific person techie but at least someone from customer support.

UPDATE (Saturday 17)
I just received the following txt from Vodafone - apparently there's nothing wrong.
Yet my ADSL connection just reset, only minutes after I received the txt.
Of course this is Vodafone we're talking about  - I'll have to call them.

UPDATE 2 (Monday 19)
Heres a few screen caps of my modems ADSL connection speeds for random points over the weekend and this morning..... No fault was found...... crap.

UPDATE 3 (Monday 19)
So I just called the help line to find out where we were at and am told that 'Only July 16 a technician looked into it and there is no fault." Strange that I only was sent the txt on the 17th. Why didn't they txt straight away? Did they even check?
The next logical step for Vodafones phone person was to just start the hoop jumping game fresh - "Can I ask you to disconnect any phones in the house...."
I'm over it. I finished that call and then call straight back.
"Put me through to Escalations."

UPDATE 4 (Monday 19)
Conveniently the out of country call centre just couldn't handle my request to be connected with escalations and instead put me through to the person who looked at my fault - against the guidelines.
The funny thing was it was exactly the person I needed to talk to, and a after a civil and actually productive conversation he saw that although things looked fine - there was a much bigger problem. 140 disconnects in a 24 hour period is apparently not normal.... no shit. He did everything he could and has organised another Chorus tech (again) to come look at the line today (Tuesday)

It's so incredibly frustrating that the internet has been broken for 2 weeks, the landline for 2+ months and that I've had to lodge 3+ faults until I finally talk to someone who can actually fix it.

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Comment by freitasm, on 17-Jul-2010 19:28

I seriously don't understand why you bother. Change providers.

Comment by johnr, on 17-Jul-2010 19:40

Sounds like a table has not updated on the A party network to point the calls towards Vodafone NZ fixed line network. Any on going issues on Monday PM me and I am sure I can get it resolved quickly.

Comment by freitasm, on 17-Jul-2010 23:04

John, while I appreciate the efforts of people like yourself and Paul, plus others at Vodafone New Zealand, it's hard to understand why the call centre is so unreliable when it comes to solving problems and connecting with customers. This is not the first story with "I will call you later" and call never coming, or "sorry, I don't have details from your previous call here".

Things will continue to look bad for as long as the culture of "close cases faster" reigns at that call centre.

Comment by Phaedrus, on 18-Jul-2010 19:35

I've been following these comments re moving ISP's with some interest - in particular those that have moved to VF. I am an unhappy TCL user and would dearly like to go to another provider, VF being the prime contender for various reasons.

Whilst I fully accept that problems can occur it's how they are dealt with during the 'fix' process that really concerns me. This doesn't seem good, and in fact mirrors experiences I've had in the past (I do this sort of thing commercially as part of my work), I generally dread it when a client tells me they're changing ISP's. Usually if a problem occurs I need to deal with a technical person and I find having to speak to a script-monkey frustrating and difficult, particularly so if they have a strong accent because I'm a little deaf and have trouble hearing on a digital 'phone at the best of times...

So thanks for passing on your experience, even though it disappoints me as a potential VF customer :-(

Cheers, P.

Comment by johnr, on 19-Jul-2010 10:14

Can you please PM me the ticket number for your fault?

Author's note by lotech, on 19-Jul-2010 12:49

I would love to tell you the fault number but I was never given one for the second fault (which based on the txt I recieved - is no longer a fault). My adsl user name is bsimon if that helps.

I've been taking screen caps of my modems connection info and the ADSL connection speed has been fluctuating wildly - will post these when I don't have a million other things to do.

I've decided that if this isn't fixed by tomorrow I'm resigning with Orcon, leaving my mobile as the one thing in my life Vodafone has anything to do with and can/will screw up.

Comment by freitasm, on 19-Jul-2010 13:07

You can port your Vodafone number to 2degrees and now Orcon as well...

Author's note by lotech, on 19-Jul-2010 16:29

Yeah I would think of switching but as someone who loves a good mobile status update I need mobile data which leaves only really Telecom or Vodafone. 2Degrees is GPRS only and Orcon I've just seen, think they can charge $49.95 for 1gb of data a month.

Comment by freitasm, on 19-Jul-2010 16:34

2degress 3G has been lit for testing around New Zealand over the last week - check the last pages in this topic. I had 2degrees 3G during the weekend in Porirua, Steve Biddle reported it live in Lower Hutt and last weekend people in Christchurch used it.

No word on when they launch the service, but they are testing it at the moment. Things might change in a couple of weeks, I say...

Comment by pctek, on 21-Jul-2010 10:23

You tried another modem?

Comment by ElasticSky, on 25-Jul-2010 08:03

Just read this blog and can feel your pain.

I was a VF customer for about 4 yrs when about 12-14 months they switched me to the Red Network. I too was missing calls from people on the Telecom network, even some people on the VF network, ADSL reseting constantly. The level of service you describe is exactly the level VF provided. Numerous visit by techs and no fault was found. I could never get VF to admit they had a problem, not even when their own helpdesk could not call me via the landline. VF appear to only be interest in taking money not providing service.

Solution: Different provider - no more problems.

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