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Vodamoan - new connection pains

, posted: 2-Nov-2010 10:38

I've recently moved house and with a new house comes a new connection. Once again I found Vodafone offering the best value with its new naked broadband ($55 p.month for 30gb).

Of course it wouldn't be a Vodafone experience without a lot of pain, time wasted and weeks without service, so once again here is my publicly posted experiences and inevitable epic failings from the 2nd (?) largest ISP in New Zealand.

The first thing to go wrong was trying to sign up via their online form. No matter how I did it at the end of the 5 page signup process I would always get a 500 error from their server. 15 minutes on the line to the call centre later I was told, by someone who I think is a web tech, they he too was having issues with Firefox also. I switched to Safari and the form finally submitted.

Although the form finally worked it did manage to lose my street number and use my apartment number instead - so although the internet was connected 2 days later - it was at the wrong address.

Thankfully as we hadn't moved yet this was only a small issue, I called to have this fixed. I foolishly thought it would be a speedy fix. 2+ weeks later we still have no internet, despite being given 2 different dates for a Chorus tech from Vodafone. The most recent date was yesterday, which has now passed and I'm now waiting for the mysterious callback.

For those who haven't read my previous posts, I'm well versed in being offered the mysterious service named "a callback". Don't let the name fool you. Like the mighty Sasquatch, some say no such thing exists and indeed from my experiences it rarely does occur. Only those lucky enough to be escalated have truly experienced it.
I will be interested to see if today is my lucky day.

With all the problems Vodafone seem to have with sign ups and the fact I keep continuing to use them I'm starting to think I might be suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

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Always look on the bright side.....

Comment by freitasm, on 2-Nov-2010 11:15

I think you will find out TelstraClear is the second largest ISP in New Zealand.

Comment by sunteralife, on 3-Nov-2010 16:50

Seems like Chorus has its share to be blamed too, when we took a new connection a technician from Chorus appeared at our doorstep and could hardly find signal (telecom fixedline signal I assume) but after speaking to Vodafone customer service everything eventually turned out to be normal...but yeah a bit of hassle while moving home.

Comment by DeadlyNZ, on 10-Nov-2010 10:44

You think this was bad I moved 3 blocks in Levin and telstra clear managed to take 3 weeks to sort it all out i think that the telco's just don't give a shite any more they know we NEED the net so thay can be as slack as they like cos there is NO-ONE out there that is willing to put thier hands up and say we will do it once and it will be done right..

So don't hold your breath there

Comment by jpolapop, on 11-Nov-2010 09:38

Chorus fixed next door neigbour's connection and stuffed ours up, we had no phone no internet - like our line was cut.
- Took 3 days to get VF (Vodafone) to get Chorus to come around and fix it.
- Chorus do not take calls nor complaints from likes of you and I, you must do it through your ISP
- VF keep saying they will talk to their supervisor to escalate despite numerous calls (at least 2/day).
- VF say you must ring back Customer service to make a complaint, WTF

- VF escalation process does not exist.
- Chorus doesn't give a rat's arse about your problem.
- Complaining is made very difficult.
- All these automated phone systems are designed to put you off by keeping you waiting for quite some time.
- We don't count.

Comment by Jesse, on 12-Nov-2010 17:39

Gutted you went with Vodafone... It's the service that happens once you get connected which I grumble about!

@snapnz have been nothing short of brilliant.

Comment by Gus, on 12-Dec-2010 21:54

I did the same mistake...
I moved from actrix to Slingshot.
do not make the same mistake I made !
Tell everyone
Slingshot=rubbish.Painfull crap.

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