Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC) and Plus

, posted: 13-Apr-2008 16:23

VMRC Admin Console VMRC Plus Admin Console

The VMRC is included within Virtual Server. It can be installed in isolation by running the Virtual Server install and selecting a custom install.

Alternately you can in install VMRC+ which is a standalone installation. Following are screen shots of each and highlights of functional differences.

The administration console allows selection of consoles or the ability to connect to another server.


When a console is selected the user can switch to full screen mode and navigate forward and backward through the consoles. The options available are limited, allowing special key combinations, namely ctrl-alt-del, which has a keyboard shortcut (default is right-alt + del)


VMRC Plus admin is more sophisticated. Guest session statistics can be viewed, session configurarion edited and the ability to start and stop the sesison.


From the console the user can not swap directly between sessions like VMRC and there is no full screen support. VMRC Plus does support a screen shot function.


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Comment by freitasm, on 13-Apr-2008 17:15

Just note that VMRC+ works great on a local host - if you want to access a remote host you will need to have a domain defined.

Author's note by lyonrouge, on 15-Apr-2008 16:15

I have found that VMRC+ is requires good bandwidth, while VMRC is more forgiving of slower or intermittant connections, i.e. WLAN.

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