Sony Vaio X Series (VPCX117LG) first impressions

, posted: 27-Nov-2009 19:20

After swearing I'll not buy any more proprietary Sony equipment, here I  am with my new Vaio X Series. It is what I have always wanted from a netbook, ultra, ultra, thin & light.

So far it's mostly good. Battery (although obviously brand new) is matching the advertised run time. Windows 7 is Vista Fixed, same look and feel but it seems to work. I had to uninstall the anti-virus (McAfee) as it was crippling it. I also had to uninstall the pre-loaded office 2007 as it would not accept my product key, so reinstalled from my media and it is all good. My first use of Outlook 2007 also surprisingly pleasing. It's big enough to sit on my lap ( my Eee was just a little too narrow ), doesn't seem like much, but it's not too wide, not too narrow ( said Goldilocks ).

Cons: keyboard and touch pad are smaller than they need to be, this is sad.
Have to create your own restore media, on DVD, with a machine that does not come with an optical drive, that is just rubbish.

So far been using for a week and very happy. Currently in Melbourne and having taken it on the plane for the first time, proved to me why I wanted it.

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Comment by johnr, on 27-Nov-2009 21:08

I really like Sony Vaio lap tops would have purchased one but got a MBP

Comment by chiefie, on 27-Nov-2009 22:23

I had looked at it many times when I get to Riccarton Mall where SonyStyle store is... it is a very nice computer BUT too expensive. Z530 is great, and super thin premium netbook. But NZ4000 is too much for it. It can give MBA a good run, but then Dell Adamo XPS is just as great looking too.

The battery is magnificent with the included battery could last 6 hours (measured) with high capcity you could stretch to 10hrs.

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