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EMET v4.0 Released - Secure your Windows System.

, posted: 18-Jun-2013 07:05

Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v4.0 is now available for free download.

EMET is a program that enables many advanced security features for Windows Applications, some of them similiar to the sort of features found in the Linux grsecurity patch that, those who know me, will know I am a big advocate of using.

EMET enables control of features such as:
  •       Detects attacks leveraging suspicious SSL/TLS certificates
  •       Strengthens existing mitigations and blocks known bypasses
  •       Addresses known application compatibility issues with EMET 3.0
  •       Enables an Early Warning Program for enterprise customers and for Microsoft
  •       Allows customers to test mitigations with “Audit Mode”

EMET is a great piece of software, made freely available by Microsoft, that I'm always amazed more people don't know about.  You should investigate adding it your arsenal of system protections.  You'll likely get much more benefit from it than the latest bloatware Norton 360 software.

It even supports Windows XP!

- muppet

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Comment by robert, on 18-Jun-2013 20:37

Thank you for the heads up. I never knew this existed and have installed. Does it look at certificates in browsers other than IE ?

Author's note by muppet, on 19-Jun-2013 06:27

Hi Robert,

Sadly it only works with IE, so it's a bit of a useless feature! :)

Comment by eliasb, on 20-Jun-2013 09:34

muppet, it works with Chrome and any other program that uses MS Crypto API. Check HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EMET\EMET_CE key. It is a REG_SZ, by default it has iexplore.exe, you can add: "iexplore.exe chrome.exe" and then Chrome will work too.

Author's note by muppet, on 20-Jun-2013 09:44

Well there you go, I wasn't aware of that and the Doc's don't make that very clear.

Thanks for the pointer eliasb.

Comment by robert, on 23-Jun-2013 20:47

Thx re browsers What protections does this offer with the default [recommended] install ?

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