2Degrees vs Spark/Vodafone offering... Winner?

, posted: 19-Feb-2015 17:53

2Degrees has kept their word since launch - to provide the best value in mobile market.In September, I compared vodafone and 2degrees share plan. I did'nt switch to 2Degrees as vodafone was able to offer me a comparable data for the price I was paying after talking to the retention team.I always won (read the entire post)...

Gull station gave me cash for refueling??!??

, posted: 14-Jan-2015 21:53

I am a big fan of Z station because I believe in keeping the money locally as much as possible. Recently, this has changed when I found out that their price is way too much more compared to the competitors.Tonight, I went to Gull station for refuel.The price was 96.9 cent if you use the regular pump (read the entire post)...

BigPipe - email ONLY support ?!&@!#

, posted: 18-Nov-2014 23:04

Joined BigPipe for my vdsl connection. I received an email confirmation that the connection is up and running. When i turned up to the property, there is no DSL signal whatsoever.
*** Support request to bigpipe ***
First email 8.01 PMBigPipe reply 8.09 PM (8 minutes response)
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Vodafone Red Share vs 2Degrees Share Everything (winner)

, posted: 3-Sep-2014 21:35

A friend just pointed to me that 2Degrees has the best unlimited "sharing" plans for now. If you sign up for Share Everything plan on a Freedom Term (ie No Term), it will cost you only $34.50 each for two phones, and you will get unlimited calls, txts to Aus and NZ! On top of that you get 2GB to sha (read the entire post)...

Left Telecom for Vodafone Red Share - good and bad

, posted: 30-Jul-2014 23:03

I have blogged in the past why I left Vodafone for Telecom. It was because of Vodafone poor coverage in Tauranga. I kept having constant dropped calls especially at my work place. I have since moved to a different work place and keen to be on Vodafone Red Share because of the extra 1GB deal. Oh, I a (read the entire post)...

Why am I not interested in 4G

, posted: 17-Nov-2013 00:12

I loves new technology. I remember spending ~$800 for Sony Ericsson V800 just so that I can embrace 3G the day Vodafone launch it. It turns out to be a useless phone as none of my friend in Dunedin had 3G phone. The only video call I had was with some random Vodafone rep - wanting my feedback on the (read the entire post)...

Camera: Nokia 41MP vs Sony 21MP - interesting result!

, posted: 11-Sep-2013 21:05

I am not a professional photographer. I enjoy taking photos when I am on holiday or at home. Phone camera for me is very very very important. It has completely replaced my point + shoot camera."let's take picture"*took the phone from my pocket*snap snap snap*auto-uploadDONE!It surprises me that Xper (read the entire post)...

Washing machine and mobile phone

, posted: 4-Sep-2013 21:47

So... Last month...I forgot to take my phone out of my pocket... Put my clothes in the washing machine, added surf, set it to normal cycle...Half an hour later, I went to look for my phone but it was nowhere to be seen.Took my spare phone, dialed my number and I could hear a faint noise coming from (read the entire post)...

Telecom 'shrinking' international roaming

, posted: 12-May-2013 18:59

I have moved to Telecom recently as they have better coverage at my workplace. Prior to terminating my beloved Vodafone 3GB data plan, I have confirmed from http://www.telecomroaming.co.nz that their international roaming includes Seychelles. This morning, I wanted to check the cost of roaming and f (read the entire post)...

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