Camera: Nokia 41MP vs Sony 21MP - interesting result!

, posted: 11-Sep-2013 21:05

I am not a professional photographer. I enjoy taking photos when I am on holiday or at home. Phone camera for me is very very very important. It has completely replaced my point + shoot camera.

"let's take picture"

*took the phone from my pocket

*snap snap snap



It surprises me that Xperia Z1 is better than Lumia 1020 for auto settings. Click below for samples:

Oh, those pics are taken without using this attachable Carl Zeiss Lens (DSC-QX100)!!!

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Comment by Fei, on 14-Sep-2013 00:33

Interesting? Not really, it's rather a common knowledge(for photographers) that on a small sensor, in this case, extremely small sensors, more MP count does way more damage than good in terms of image quality.

Comment by paulmilbank, on 16-Sep-2013 13:31

Not sure I am seeing what you are.
In all the outside shots, the sky is blown in the Sony and the photos are oversaturated, in the indoor shots and at night, it is taking a "cooler" image and does look well detailed, but to me it looks like there is more noise and a bit less detail than the lumia.
The flower shot seems to be a focus issue, the web has pulled focus on the Lunia and the flower has pulled focus on the Sony.
The macro shot does seem too bright in the lumia which washes out detail. 
There is no comparison in the full zoom shot, the Lumia just has it.
The sign photo has some weirdness to it. The background is better lit than the Z1 albeit with the "warm" tone again but the sign is either out of focus or the person was shaking a lot when taking it.
No doubt the Sony is a great camera, but it seems about 50/50 which wins the comparison. From there results I would not call the Z1 the winner. Some checking of focus points and possibly steadying the phones for night shots before shooting would have made the lumia the winner to me.

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