Left Telecom for Vodafone Red Share - good and bad

, posted: 30-Jul-2014 23:03

I have blogged in the past why I left Vodafone for Telecom. It was because of Vodafone poor coverage in Tauranga. I kept having constant dropped calls especially at my work place. I have since moved to a different work place and keen to be on Vodafone Red Share because of the extra 1GB deal. Oh, I also HATE the fact that the Telecom site is pathetic. You have to call the customer service to get your credit card set for automatic payment!!!

I went with:

- Open Term Red Essential $69
- Bonus 1 GB (total of 2.5GB)
- Another number as a Red Share for $29
- Unlimited calls & text to NZ/AUS

I did my order online and get the porting done as soon as I received the sim card. I received some help from the valuable geekzone member(s), especially JohnR.

As soon as the sim cards were activated, I was super excited to see 4G logo! On Telecom, I can only enjoy 4G when visiting Auckland. Unfortunately, despite having 4G sites, the Vodafone coverage is still poor. There has been at least 4 dropped calls in the last 2 weeks. This happened while on the Galaxy Note 3 (from 2Degrees) and Galaxy note 2 4G (from Vodafone). 

The good:
1. 4G speed is superb.
2. Open term Red Share gives me the flexibility to jump to different carrier anytime.

The bad:
1. The coverage is still poor - I have no dropped calls whatsoever while on Telecom for the last 18 months.
2. Bonus 1GB is only for 6 months (I am just being a greedy customer ;-) )

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Comment by johnr, on 31-Jul-2014 07:06

Did you note down the time and dates of the these dropped calls? They Might not even be coverage related and might be able to be easily sorted

Comment by johnr, on 31-Jul-2014 07:09

Something else to note 4G in Tauranga is on 1800Mhz and it will not be as strong as 3G on 900Mhz also the handset you are using now what is that and where was it obtained from?

Comment by VodafoneDylan, on 31-Jul-2014 11:22


Great to hear you've switched back to Vodafone and enjoying Red Share. Just checking that you know about the Red Share Tablet option too? You can grab a sim for your tablet or another data device and it shares your main mobile data allocation. If you order them before the end of August they're $0 a month, after then they'll be $10 each a month. I'd recommend ordering them now in case you get a new tablet or iPad in the future.

You can have a Red Share Tablet sim for each mobile phone connection on your Red Share share account (so with the Red Essentials and Red Share $29 you'd be eligible for two).

More info in the Red Share section of our site and call us on 0508 464 464 to get set up.



Comment by Demeter, on 31-Jul-2014 11:39

The other thing worth mentioning is that if you have shaky coverage at home, it might pay to look into our Sure Signal device - of course, assuming you have your broadband services with us. :)

Author's note by nakedmolerat, on 1-Aug-2014 14:08

No can do, Vodafone is unable to offer Fibre at my house yet - I am currently with a local ISP company.

I think the coverage is still shaky here in Tauranga. Not much has changed other than 4G service.

Comment by johnr, on 2-Aug-2014 16:04

The coverage foot print around Tauranga has changed big time with the deployment of 3G Dual carrier 900Mhz, We have drive test data reflecting this as well before and after it's chalk and cheese

Comment by johnr, on 2-Aug-2014 16:28

You don't need fibre to get Sure Signal

Author's note by nakedmolerat, on 2-Aug-2014 20:24

Hi John, That's right. I have fiber at our place. Once fiber installed, you can get ADSL anymore. Vodafone unable to offer fibre service in Tauranga yet.On a side note, I don't need sure signal at home

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