Vodafone Red Share vs 2Degrees Share Everything (winner)

, posted: 3-Sep-2014 21:35

A friend just pointed to me that 2Degrees has the best unlimited "sharing" plans for now. If you sign up for Share Everything plan on a Freedom Term (ie No Term), it will cost you only $34.50 each for two phones, and you will get unlimited calls, txts to Aus and NZ! On top of that you get 2GB to share!

I have just moved to Vodafone (from Telecom/Spark) recently - open term $69 red with $29 red share. That is basically $49 per phone to get unlimited calls, txts but only 1.5GB of data to share. I was lucky to sign up and grab the extra 1 GB deal that will expire in 2 months.

I am aware that Vodafone is offering 4G in many more places and $5 roaming. 4G is great, but it is not really necessary for me given I mostly browse on mobile sites only. $5 roaming unfortunately did not cover places that I visit every year- Seychelles, Dubai, Singapore.

Time to port to 2Degrees?????

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Comment by corksta, on 3-Sep-2014 22:52

I think you've answered your own question!

Author's note by nakedmolerat, on 3-Sep-2014 22:55

I have just noticed that the shared data is also carryover! 

Comment by 2DegreesCare, on 4-Sep-2014 11:12

It's easy to sign up too. Either sign up online here  (you'll need a valid driving licence), call us on 0800 000 202 or pop into a 2degrees or one of our multi brand dealer stores - Store locator

PLUS Join on a $49 plan or above on a Freedom Term before 5 October and get a one-off bonus 2GB Carryover Data!

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