BigPipe - email ONLY support ?!&@!#

, posted: 18-Nov-2014 23:04

Joined BigPipe for my vdsl connection. I received an email confirmation that the connection is up and running. When i turned up to the property, there is no DSL signal whatsoever.

*** Support request to bigpipe ***

First email       8.01 PM
BigPipe reply    8.09 PM  (8 minutes response)

My reply            8.18 PM
BigPipe reply      8.35 PM (17 minutes response)

My reply            8.37 PM
BigPipe reply      8.45 PM (8 minutes response)

My reply            8.54 PM
BigPipe reply      9.07 PM (13 minutes response)

Referring this issue to Chorus

*** Following day ****

BigPipe                 2.48 PM - confirming Chorus time/date

My reply               2.49 PM - asking to double/triple confirm the time
BigPipe reply        3.53 PM (64 minutes response time)

*** The day after, requesting support (Chorus has fixed their end) ***

First email             11.47 AM
BigPipe reply         12.04 PM (17 minutes response)

My Reply               12.06 PM
BigPipe reply          12:26 PM (20 minutes response)

Referring this issue to Radius

*** This is just me moaning ***
Receive a generic email that states BigPipe will start charging me at 4.32PM, since the connection is supposedly to be live now.

I moan about the net is not even live yet at 4.33 PM
BigPipe reply at 4.44 PM (11 minutes response time)


In summary, I am very very very happy with the support. Fast and reliable. I can email pictures to show them the issue/setup etc, this will easily bypass the "turn on/off modem, which light is blinking, how do you connect etc". I also love the fact that I do not have to waste my time waiting on hold, or trying to explain on the phone. You want to see how I connect my modem? Here is the picture for you.

I just hope that when I turn up to the property in few days time, the internet is live!

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Comment by DravidDavid, on 19-Nov-2014 09:17

Unfortunately failed installs are quite common. :(

The Chorus tech "thinks" he has hooked up the correct property, when in actual fact they haven't.  I'm pretty sure Chorus are supposed to check it is live at the property, but it happens a lot less than it should.
BigPipe will need to log a failed install with Chorus who will go back and check everything is connected properly at the exchange or cabinet.

Good luck!

Author's note by nakedmolerat, on 19-Nov-2014 09:22

I don't blame BigPipe at all. My post was supposedly to point how good their support is! I love this email support - I was a bit concerned about having issue sorted in the timely manner, but this is the best support I have experienced so far. Super fast and reliable!

Comment by sonyxperiageek, on 19-Nov-2014 11:30

So did you use your 3G/4G to send pictures via email?

Comment by Sarah, on 20-Nov-2014 08:55

Honestly their email support is the reason why we left BigPipe. Your reply times are extremely quick compared to what we experienced. Often waiting hours for an reply.

Author's note by nakedmolerat, on 20-Nov-2014 09:02

Yup, I use my mobile via yahoomail app to send pics.

It is easy, you just hit the reply button, tap "attach", tap "take photo", photo automagically uploaded, then hit sent. ;-P

Author's note by nakedmolerat, on 20-Nov-2014 09:09


Maybe things has changed since? What was your issue?

Comment by BigPipeNZ, on 25-Nov-2014 10:14

@nakedmolerat Thanks for the feedback! Stoked to hear about your experience and I'll pass it on to the team. 

Comment by BigPipeNZ, on 25-Nov-2014 10:15


That's not what we like to hear. I can have a look into what went wrong, you can private message me your email if you like?

Comment by sarah, on 27-Nov-2014 23:20

Issue was a fault at the cabinet that was causing our speeds to be 8 down instead of the 16 it should have been. Took weeks to get them to send out chorus.

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