Gull station gave me cash for refueling??!??

, posted: 14-Jan-2015 21:53

I am a big fan of Z station because I believe in keeping the money locally as much as possible. Recently, this has changed when I found out that their price is way too much more compared to the competitors.

Tonight, I went to Gull station for refuel.

The price was 96.9 cent if you use the regular pump or 93.0 cent for 'self service pump'. My car was about 3/4 tank empty. $0.03 x 70 = $2.10. So I went to the cheaper pump. The eftpos machine unfortunately did not have the option to scan my countdown voucher ($0.20 per litre off). Z station self service pump will scan the voucher and apply the discount automatically.

After refueling, I went inside and asked if I can use the voucher. The man said YES. I gave him the receipt, he calculate the discount and hand me the cash. I came out smiling with ~$14 in my pocket.

Gull - I am now your loyal customer!


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Comment by heavenlywild, on 15-Jan-2015 07:54

I think your title is a little misleading and unfair on Gull's part despite your good intentions.

Comment by richms, on 15-Jan-2015 23:23

Enjoy your ethanol and butane blend fuel that you have saved a few cents on buying.

Comment by johnr, on 16-Jan-2015 17:35

This does not make sense to me

Comment by xlinknz, on 16-Jan-2015 18:28

as pointed out by richms if you used an E10 blend expect 3-4% less economy, that doesn't mean of course that Gull wasn't a better deal but many don't know that or take that into account

Comment by muppet, on 19-Jan-2015 13:16

I brew my own Alcohol to drink, it's even cheaper.

That's what this was about, right?

Comment by dickytim, on 20-Jan-2015 06:35

E-10 is fine, I run my car on it and it runs well, consumption is not actually any different in real world terms, in fact I am getting around 10.9l/100km this week on it. When it is so much cheaper than BP 98, like over 10% you can do the math.

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