2Degrees vs Spark/Vodafone offering... Winner?

, posted: 19-Feb-2015 17:53

2Degrees has kept their word since launch - to provide the best value in mobile market.

In September, I compared vodafone and 2degrees share plan. I did'nt switch to 2Degrees as vodafone was able to offer me a comparable data for the price I was paying after talking to the retention team.

I always wonder how can 2Degrees offer lots of data? Last year, I was able to stream Hulu/Netflix using the 2degrees mobile broadband without any issue while away on holiday. It was the cheapest choice then - maybe now as well?

I have not come across any thread in geekzone, customers complaining about 'slow' data speed on 2Degrees. So I am assuming that there must not be any issue despite their huge data offerings.

I am not interested with prepay offering, nor I have any interest to have music streaming to my phone. I was on Spark, although their wifi offering is great, I am not anywhere near their hotspot.

I don't believe in signing up for 24 or even 12 months term. It was only 5 months ago when the data offering was increased. 




There is no doubt that 2Degrees has the best plan for the same amount of data, plus it is carryover.

I talked to Vodafone retention team, no, they can't offer 5GB of data, as this is reserved for the open term $99 plan. I am on $69 open term plan.

The only thing left for me to consider is international roaming - I travel overseas for holiday few times a year...


User Hagrid posted the screenshot below, he definitely has great offer... I guess some customers are more valuable than others?

Yes - I am jealous! yell

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Comment by sonyxperiageek, on 19-Feb-2015 19:09

Yep, 2Degrees has always been the one to "take the lead" in this market..

Comment by Hagrid, on 19-Feb-2015 19:33

this is what I get on my red + BYO plan http://prntscr.com/670a40

Comment by Hagrid, on 19-Feb-2015 20:15

Yes that was a offer to change to that plan by vodafone sales (retention just kept saying oh we can't discount it anymore it's already discounted byv$10)

Comment by James, on 20-Feb-2015 10:13

Vodafone's Roaming offer is better than anything else in the market for most. On your plan, unlimited calling/texting while roaming for $5 a day? That's pretty good - not to mention you can also use your data allocation.

Comment by 4possm, on 20-Feb-2015 11:21

Jeez Vodafone needs to contact me and offer me that offer Hagrid has, I'd switch to VF immediately if I could get that same plan

Comment by k14, on 20-Feb-2015 11:33

How do I get in contact with vodafone sales to ask them to give me the same deal as Hagrid?

Comment by Hagrid, on 20-Feb-2015 16:41

Vodafone Sales  0800 438 448They will might say yes, but they may also say no.

Comment by Josh P, on 22-Feb-2015 08:17

0800 800 021 is mobile sales  the number Hagrid gave is home phone and broadband sales. People always complain they get put on hold for hours with vodafone - here's a big reason why. :)

Comment by @Josh P, on 22-Feb-2015 14:44

It goes though to a IVR and it has options for Mobile Sales!

Comment by Hagrid, on 22-Feb-2015 20:23

@Josh P  It goes though to a IVR and it has options for Mobile Sales!

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