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Burn all books - out with free thought.

, posted: 28-Nov-2008 01:20


>write a sci-fi book, please =)

I thought about it but the only people who would read it would be other geeks and we all know that p2p is the best way to get books we like - no money in it for me though Sigh!!!  I even had the art laid out ready to go:

Looks like a series of smileys but dont run it in linux command line :)

>Heard of a guy in America who wrote an article on
how to hack systems, but never actually hacked anything, >was sent to
jail for life for being too dangerous.  Was your final comments about
this scenario?

kind of - Tom Clancey actually got hit by the CIA or FBI or similar for writing a book on submarine warfare. They tried to take him through court as he had released Top secret Classified materials. He proved it was all open domain stuff via the librarys and internet so they let him off. Problem is now days the prigs will abduct your burro to Gitmo, tie you to the golf couse  and use your testicles for putting practice (seriously - they have a golf course ) no trial - just hasta la vista - enjoy the view of your six by six buddy.

In all seriousness the USA is not a place I have any plans to visit and no desire to go near. Even just transiting from plane to plane on an international flight gets you eyeballed, printed, and a complete ID check done. what ever happened to transit lounges being neutral territory. My Sister In Law, has croation / serbian / bosnian back ground. Cant transit USA on flights from UK to Nz without a guard to escort her. 

lastly - the case you mentioened above - I'm not aware of it - but there are some serious problems with free pexpression in the US and other countries now days. Free thought is a free ticket to problems in some cases - and ey what ever you do - do not declare aything to be Da Bomb while transiting (unless you like not traveling). no sense of humour.

BTW - off topic -
Obmama plans to release and properly try Guantanimo bay detainees :D 

Looks like my plan to earn a zillion dollars and pay for the A-Team to get them all released wont need to go ahead now.  Pity - I was looking forward to  a game of golf, a Big Mac and a chance to visit the gift store while i was there.

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