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Cloud services = bad for business

, posted: 28-Jul-2018 14:05

Looking back at some old blog posts I find myself revisiting some of the things I said about cloud services being dangerous or potentially bad for business. A few years later I am more convinced of this than ever. Here is why:
When I talk about cloud services in this article I am generally looking at Hosted Software (e.g. Xero, Google apps, Dropbox, Microsoft Online etc).
1 - Dumbing Down: Using cloud services means you have to dumb down your environment. Why? Most cloud services are (read the entire post)...

Modern Web Trends = Bad business

, posted: 23-Jan-2016 12:36

As someone who develops sites for clients, I am always keeping an eye out for new trends, where is the market going, what new features are available that will benefit my clients - and also what new trends are happening that wont benefit my clients. One of the negative trends I am seeing is a growing number of product driven web sites (for example selling password management software, selling hosted software, open source products) which do nothing to promote their product, and in many cases are (read the entire post)...

Penny wise, Pound Foolish - The Google Trap.

, posted: 27-May-2015 15:58

I've been thinking - which is never a safe thing to do if you are me, about the saying, "Penny wise - pound foolish." and it's applicability to business. I've mostly been thinking about this in relation to software and cloud services. Over the last few years the growing awareness of Open Source Software by the general populous and the impact of free services from the Internet has changed peoples' expectations of pricing for services. For example when trying to talk to clients about online backup (read the entire post)...

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