You catch 'em, we kill 'em

I'm glad I'm mad - it is better than being dperessed.....

, posted: 27-Nov-2008 22:34

Some one once said depression is just suppressed rage so for me better angry than depressed.

To answer a comment or two:


>It's got to be better to them than the
alternative of people switching to truly free software like GNU/Linux.
If >you're sick of security software, cd keys, and product activation
sucking your life away, I'd highly encourage you >to give a Live CD from
one of the popular distributions a spin.

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Ever wondered how the Pope, Stewart island and plague victims can be in the same post? wonder no longer :)

, posted: 26-Nov-2008 17:37

Basically this is a rehash of a comment I wrote in repsonse to the review of Microsofts free security / av software. ( ) I include it here as it has direct relevance to virus busting but also because i see this as a disaster in the making. I feel like the dude looking out to sea watching a tsunami approaching and knowing there is nothing I can do but grab my surf board and hope that the afterlife is better than this one.

To those (read the entire post)...

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Shane started Virusbusters twelve years ago to provide fixed price IT support for home users.

Daily battles through the world of viruses, spammers and other malware has left an indelible impression on him so he decided to try to give back some of the help he has received over time.

Hopefully crazy ideas, virus removal tips and other help can be found in this new blog. who knows, it might even be worth reading one day.