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Blacklists, black holes and and staying in the black

A customer called - they couldn't get emails from their ISP provided email (hmm lets call the the ISP Catapult ) to another ISP (lets call them VulcanPhones) On investigation it turns out VulcanPhones subscribe to the Spamhaus Black List and the IP address of Catapults mail servers have eneded up on the black list again. Based on that entry VulcanPhones are bouncing / dropping all email from anybody who uses Catapults SMTP server into a big black hole. OK - We now have the connection between bl (read the entire post)...

Independence in a corporate age

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Independence in a corporate age....

As a neutral provider of IT support and help we get to see IT life from all perspectives. We work with Linux, Mac, Windows, Novell, IBM, Acer, HP, Dell etc etc ... providing the best possible support and help for our customer - vendor neutral - best fit solutions. Along the way we get to talk to most of the IT vendors / providers in the process of trying t (read the entire post)...

Would you trust these people with your money?

Tonight I set down with a simple goal in mind - to fill out a couple of forms on line to see if my money and I can be seperated in the noble persuit of getting a bank loan to increase my business. Does my current business need a loan? No. But I am hoping to take some of the spare cash we have and put it to good use by purchasing a new (non IT geek type) business.

All good, right up to the point that I visited the online banking sites this great nation of ours boasts. Now - please not (read the entire post)...

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Shane Hollis
New Zealand

Shane started Virusbusters twelve years ago to provide fixed price IT support for home users.

Daily battles through the world of viruses, spammers and other malware has left an indelible impression on him so he decided to try to give back some of the help he has received over time.

Hopefully crazy ideas, virus removal tips and other help can be found in this new blog. who knows, it might even be worth reading one day.