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New Sony Vaio Laptop

, posted: 8-Aug-2007 21:43

Well after waiting a few weeks my new Sony Vaio laptop has finally arrived, and I have decided that the wait has been worth it!

Quick rundown on the specs:

·         Windows Vista Business

·         2GB Ram

·         2.16 Centrino Core Duo

·         The all important finger print reader =)

·         Inbuilt camera

I have also added Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

So far I am impressed with the windows Vista OS, but still getting use to it compared to XP Pro. I still have yet to find an easy way to migrate all my files from my PC, as I intended to use my laptop for day to day use.


If there is anything I should know, or any specific software available for Vista and I should know about please let me know!


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Comment by geekiegeek, on 9-Aug-2007 09:21

Google files and settings transfer wizard - its built in to both XP and Vista I believe.

Go the Vaio - I have two of them at home a C series and a SZ series. Love them and wouldnt own anything else. Or though I am a bit of a Sony fanboy.

Bravia LCD
Sony ES reciever
Sony HDMI DVD player
Vaio's x2
and a PSP

What can I say, they make cool stuff.

Author's note by nzbnw, on 9-Aug-2007 09:38

Thanks for the tip!! I'll have a look shortly.

Yea, so far I am impressed with the Vaio, last, light and really has everything I need in a laptop (even uses more ram in idle than the total amount of ram my fixed pc had!)


Author's note by nzbnw, on 9-Aug-2007 09:43

Sorry asianbro, I think I clicked the wrong button and deleted you comment rather than approved it .

Comment from 'asianbro':

Wow, sounds like an expensive laptop! Expensive brand, lots of RAM, latest stuffs, etc. Nice

You can never have enough ram, already thinkig about an extra 2GB, or I might get a docking station and a 22" Samsung LCD first??


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